Louis XIV Surrounded By '70s Breasts In Time-Traveling Video

'God Killed the Queen' attempts to conjure glam-punk scene of 20 years ago.

You've got to give it to Louis XIV — they sure know their debauchery. The band recently shot two versions of its latest video, "God Killed the Queen": one that's considered "clean," and one that would be rated "R" — for rampant nudity.

The two-minute clip for "God Killed the Queen," directed by Made by Robots, was shot in a vintage broadcast video format used for television sitcoms in the late '60s and early '70s. It attempts to imagine what the glam-punk world of Iggy Pop, the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols would have been like if Louis XIV had been a part of it, playing CBGBs or partying at the Chelsea Hotel along with them. The lighting is also vintage, with lots of lens flare and rich color tones.

(Click here for images of "God Killed the Queen.")

Dressed in button-down shirts, ties and heavy eyeliner, the band is subdued onstage while chaos is all around — people write graffiti on the walls, make out and pass out as nude women cavort suggestively and let people write on their bare backs. The clean version is nipple-free, but enough can be seen to give the video a voyeuristic element, as if this is just what to expect when you go backstage at a Louis XIV show. Those who want to find out will get their chance when the band's tour kicks off in Indianapolis on July 22.

"God Killed the Queen" isn't the San Diego band's first skin-heavy shoot. Earlier this year, porn director Eon McKai made a video for their song "Paper Doll" that consisted entirely of models from the punk pinup site SuicideGirls.com getting dressed and undressed.