Love, Potty Talk Go Hand-In-Hand On Bobby Brown's TV Show

'Being Bobby Brown' looks to have its share of water-cooler moments.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby ... The R&B bad boy has always seemed a prime candidate for his own reality show, and now that he's got one, those suspicions have been proven correct.

And just as Jessica had her "chicken of the sea" moment and Britney had several sex-drive moments, there are things that happen on "Being Bobby Brown" that are guaranteed to be discussed around the water cooler the next day. Take, for example, when Brown talks about assisting wife Whitney Houston with her bowel movements. Though the details are probably best left unmentioned here, Houston called it "real love," and neither of them seemed to think that it — or any part of their lives — was such a big deal.

"[The show] is just what's going on in that moment in my life," Brown said. "You might see me sitting all day in the house. For me, it's me. For other people, for some reason, they see the show and they're laughing, and I'm like, 'Why you laughing at me?' To them, I'm funny."

Though he might not see it, Brown's a clown when he interacts with Houston, who, despite the ever-present cameras, lets her guard down and shows us how close the two are.

"Anyplace I go, she wants to be there with me," Brown said. "Anytime I would go to work, she'd just come along. 'I'm coming with you!' For the most part, she's with me, and that is my day. That's the way we shot it. The time I spend with Whitney, the time I spend with other people, the time I spend with my kids, that's what it is."

In the premiere episode, which airs at 10 p.m. Thursday (June 30) on Bravo, Brown is on a quest to get that quality time, since he's just been released from prison in Boston and hasn't seen Houston in over 30 days. To prep, he goes into the hotel gift shop, grabs some Preparation H and dabs it under his eyes, to the amazement of the store clerk.

In the second episode, Brown heads back to court — with Whitney in tow — to face charges that he assaulted her a year earlier (see "Bobby Brown Turns Himself In, Appears In Court With Whitney At His Side"). To celebrate that he's allowed to go free on bail, he treats her to a spa visit. Those frequent stops in court — and in jail — made Brown felt ready to do a reality show, because his attitude was, he said, "Get me out and I'll do anything." Plus, he's used to the cameras.

"I keep cameras in my house. I probably tape myself more than anyone else," he said. "And for the most part, I had planned to do something like this, but it just never came together. I figure, they talk about me enough, without even being around me, let the cameras talk. Why not? Let's make some change out of it."