Live 8 Concerts Will Air On MTV, VH1

Networks to carry eight hours of programming, including live performances and interviews.

The Live 8 concerts are coming to MTV and VH1. The July 2 global shows to raise awareness of poverty in Africa will air for eight hours on the network and on VH1, with a mix of sets from artists such as Coldplay, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, U2, Madonna and Dave Matthews Band, interviews with artists and retrospectives on the original Live Aid.

The MTV partnership means the concerts could reach a potential worldwide audience of 1 billion people; 1985's Live Aid reached more than a billion people and raised more than $100 million for African famine relief.

The MTV/ VH1 feed, which will run from noon until 8 p.m., will also air on mtvU. Relevant highlights will additionally run on July 3 on CMT and VH1 Classic.

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In addition to showing select live coverage, the programming will include interviews with fans on site at some of the eight venues hosting shows and a look at what is expected from the upcoming G8 summit, where the topic of debt relief will likely take center stage (see "50 Cent, Jay-Z, Mariah, U2, Coldplay On Board For Massive Live Aid Sequel ").

"Our proudest moments are when we use our unique global position to help connect our audience with the important events of the day and offer a creative outlet for artists to express themselves about the issues of our time," MTV Networks Chairman Judy McGrath said in a statement. "Live 8 is one of those moments, and we're glad to join our musical brothers and sisters in every corner of the world to help shine the spotlight on ending poverty."

The Live 8 broadcast will be the longest period MTV has gone live for a televised event since the riot-scarred Woodstock '99 concert. MTV also provided comprehensive coverage of the original Live Aid.

—MTV News staff report

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