Sarah Michelle Gellar Finds Next Role Down The Rabbit Hole

Actress to star in 'Alice,' based on 'Wonderland'-inspired video game.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has delivered roundhouse kicks to vampires, helped Scooby and Shaggy unmask ghosts, and tried her frantic best to hold "the grudge." Now the actress will be embarking on a new adventure as she falls down a particularly famous rabbit-hole.

The former "Buffy" star is attached to star in "Alice," a psychological thriller based on the hit computer game, which in turn was based on the Lewis Carroll literary classic "Alice in Wonderland," according to a rep for Universal Pictures. Marcus Nispel (2003's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre") will direct the film, whose screenplay was penned by Erich and Jon Hoeber.

"Alice" hopes to make a big-screen jump while bringing along with it many of the elements famed game designer American McGee ("Quake," "Doom") created for the Electronic Arts title. McGee hatched the idea for the game by plucking characters and concepts from Carroll's 1865 fantasy tale and infusing them with modern-day sensibilities.

In the video game, Alice is the only survivor of a catastrophic event that kills her family and wrecks the world as she knows it, forcing her to retreat to Wonderland. There, she finds that the once-whimsical land of talking animals, looking glasses and illogical tea parties has taken on horrific elements that must be successfully navigated if she ever hopes to return to the real world.

Gellar, who starred in last year's horror sensation "The Grudge," will get reacquainted with her screams of terror after she finishes shooting the romantic comedy "Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing" this fall. The busy actress also has a role alongside Seann William Scott and the Rock in "Southland Tales," a quirky drama that "Donnie Darko" director Richard Kelly begins shooting next month.

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