Don't You Forget About Yellowcard: Band To Return This Fall

Group plans to wrap up LP in the summer, stage two tours thereafter.

LOS ANGELES— The members of Yellowcard have a lot on their collective minds.

The band is five weeks into the final recording sessions for its upcoming album, which Yellowcard actually began writing way back in January (see "Yellowcard Feverishly Working On New Album ... Starting Tomorrow"). In a few hours, they'll take the stage at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards to perform Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget About Me)" during a surprise 20th reunion of the cast of John Hughes' angsty teen flick "The Breakfast Club."

Things are pretty hectic for Yellowcard at the moment and yet, despite all the ephemera buzzing around them, they seem to be perfectly at ease. Mostly because for the past four years, during which they toured incessantly, almost every day has been like this for them.

"Actually, making this new record has seemed like a lot of work, and we've definitely worked hard on it — like, 12-hour days during preproduction, never seeing the sun," frontman Ryan Key explained backstage. "But it was almost like a break compared to the past four years of touring and making [2003's] Ocean Avenue."

Work on the still-untitled new album began in earnest earlier this year when Key and bassist Pete Mosely moved to New York to pen songs, while the rest of the band recuperated from a massive world tour in support of Ocean Avenue. By the middle of May, between 16 and 18 songs had been written, and the band reconvened in Los Angeles to begin polishing the tunes (see "Yellowcard Finally Have A Concept For Their Non-Concept Album"). Now it looks like the album might finally be finished (well, almost).

"We've heard that it may come out sometime this fall, but we're just taking it one track at a time," Key said. "But recording in general is coming along a lot faster than the last one because we're prepared this time. We're already more than halfway done with the recording, so we might not know when it will come out, but we do know that it won't be too long from now, and when it does, it will hit hard."

Key said the new album reflects the group's growth, as evidenced by the amount of in-studio collaboration between the members this time around — something that almost never happened during the recording sessions for Ocean Avenue.

"There's lots more collaboration on this new album. We were still young musicians on the last one, and it was a bit tentative," he explained. "But now our minds are much broader in scope, and we've had more time and freedom to express ourselves. We also had time to clear our heads."

Yellowcard have been off the road for a while now, so Key said come the fall, the band will hop back in the van for a club tour, followed by a headlining jaunt of North America in January. According to Key, the fall couldn't come fast enough.

"We feel really good and can't wait to come back," he said. "We want everyone to hear our new songs, and we want to have something to show for all our hard work."