Dupri Hits The Strip Club With Janet, Shakes It With Mariah

Virgin Records exec pays homage to peep shows in new clip.

NEW YORK — Jermaine Dupri took his girlfriend, Janet Jackson, to a strip club once, and in his new video, there's a good chance you'll see the couple reliving the experience.

In the clip for "Gotta Getcha," Dupri will be seen giving his money to girls who slide down more poles than Batman and Robin. It's all in keeping with the concept of the song.

" 'Gotta Getcha' is just an upbeat party record," Dupri explained, sitting in his Virgin Records offices. "It's fun. It's about me having this fascination with a stripper where I go to the club ... every night to see this same girl. All I'm thinking about is her."

Dupri says he wonders what strippers think about when they're dancing for guys who are trying to talk to them.

"What do it sound like to [the girls]?" J.D. pondered. "They dance for 100 different guys every week, so what do the conversation sound like? 'Cause we all trying to talk to them. [In the song] I'm ... telling her like, 'Yo, you know I come here every night to see you.' She's probably like, 'Yeah, whatever.' The video is about a guy that works on Wall Street that's like a married type and probably got kids and all of that, but he spends a huge amount of his money at this strip club."

He said the strip club in his vid is a throwback to the old days of the peep shows on 42nd Street in New York.

"The window lifts up, and you pray to God that the girl [you want to see] is back there," he explained. "The trick of the strip club is that they can let the window down at any time. You have to stick your credit card back in there again and they might switch the girl out. That's how my video is. It's a whole bunch of different rooms and then it's crazy. The song is about me having a strip club addiction, 'cause I think I was probably that dude at about 21. That was 10 years ago."

These days, it seems he's more hooked on hit records than strippers. Dupri is back at the top of the charts with writing and producing credits on Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" and is anticipating another return with the release of the third single from The Emancipation of Mimi, "Shake It Off."

" 'Shake It Off' was just like ... That comes from that style of I guess [Usher's] Confessions and just that bounce," he said. "It's got a lot of ingredients to it because I never thought that Mariah could make a bouncy type of record. When you hear that song — the whole bounce of the record and the way she's flipping it and the stuff she talking about ... I knew that record was gonna go just because you never heard Mariah talk about this stuff. ... She's like, 'I packed up my Louis Vuitton.' She took it really on the ghetto side. I knew that was gonna strike people. Either it was gonna hit them in a wrong way or they was gonna love it.

"I had that beat actually before she got to the studio. So she came in, she heard that beat and was like, 'Yeah, that's what I want,' " he continued. "That was one of the first records we had. I didn't really know what to do for her because I didn't hear nothing else that was on the album, but I just felt like she didn't have that bounce on her album."

"Shake It Off" is already on the radio, and "Gotta Getcha" is one of the records on Dupri's So So Def compilation Young, Fly and Flashy, Vol. 1, due July 19.