Duff Sisters Living Large In 'Material' World

Hilary and Haylie share spotlight (and each other's thoughts) on set of new movie.

When it comes to the simple pleasures in life, modern-day philosopher Homer Simpson probably broke it down best when he uttered the immortal words, "Mmm. Duff."

If your movie tastes run along the same lines as Homer's choice of brew, then you might find yourself leaning back in a theater seat sometime in the near future, whispering that same phrase. Sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff are joining forces for the upcoming film "Material Girls," and during a set visit they offered up insights on which one of them buys more shoes, how to get a dog to pee in the right place and why Britney and Rancid can co-exist on the same iPod.

"Our call times have been, like, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 a.m.," says Hilary (the blonde one), whose television, movie and film careers have kept her busy since age 14. "Crazy, crazy early mornings."

"But this is so cool," chimes in older sister Haylie (the brunette one), whose career took off after her breakthrough role in "Napoleon Dynamite" last year. "It's something that we've wanted for a long time; it's kind of surreal that we're on the set together.

"And my mom is on the set, too," Haylie adds, motioning toward the girls' mother and frequent film producer, Susan.

This is one family reunion, in fact, that even includes the pets. No tour of the sisters' trailers would be complete without meeting their "babies": three dogs of varying breed who have one thing in common — they're so tiny that a Duff can carry all three at the same time.

"Look! Babies!" smiles Haylie. "We have Bentley, Cocoa and Lola. Lola is Hil's new dog."

"Lola travels so much that she uses pee pads," Hilary says.

"But we're working on the grass," Haylie chimes in.

The sisters frequently cut each other off in mid-sentence, placing the trait in their top three shared idiosyncrasies, somewhere behind twisting the ends of their hair and mercilessly abusing the word "like." But enough about their dogs' urinary accomplishments. What's the story behind "Material Girls," anyway?

Dis And That

Watch as the Marchetta sisters (Hilary and Haylie Duff) get "totally dissed" in this exclusive clip from "Material Girls."
"It's basically about two sisters who are really materialistic and all about themselves," summarizes Haylie, who recently turned 20.

"The girls lose their company," Hilary jumps in, "and this scandal goes down and really terrible things happen to them and they kind of rebuild their company at the end. There's definitely a lot of physical comedy in the movie. And her character's a little more out there than mine," she continues, nearly stumbling over the fact that her sister didn't jump in to finish the thought. "I'm a little nicer and she's, like, all crazy and stuff, so it's definitely fun. But it has values, you know."

Like their characters in the film, the Duff sisters each consider one other best friends. Unlike their onscreen alter egos, however, the two have more similarities than differences. First and foremost, naturally, is a love of shopping.

"Both of us [spend a lot] — on different things, though," Haylie says, looking at her little sister. "Like, you'll spend way more money on makeup than I will."

"And I'll spend on belts."

"Yeah, you'll do belts, and I'll do shoes."

"No, I'll do shoes," Hilary shoots back, opening her eyes wide, hoping to get the final word on the matter.

"We're both pretty big shoppers," they admit, barely audible amid the giggling.

The Duff sisters are collaborating quite a bit these days, not only on shopping but in the recording studio, as well. With a movie titled "Material Girls," the two insisted on putting a song on the soundtrack that pays respect to the artist who inspired the movie's title and the sisters' careers: Madonna.

And are they going to cover what might just be the original Material Girl's signature song? "We are!" Hilary says excitedly. "We've been getting demos and stuff from different people to produce the song. We're really excited because we had so much fun [collaborating on the classic Go-Go's song] 'Our Lips Are Sealed.' So this will be like a new edition."

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Covering Madonna, however, comes with some lofty expectations. "It's so much pressure," Haylie says. "Now that we're about to do the song, I hear it everywhere, like on commercials and in movies and stuff. I hear it much more than I ever realized I heard it."

"I think we want to try and release a couple different versions of it," Hilary adds, cradling one dog as another barks in the background. "Like one that's a little more dancey, one that's a little more kind of ... not hip-hop, but maybe we'll have a guest appearance or something."

What will these different versions sound like? To give an idea of their musical influences, the sisters Duff bust out their matching iPods.

"Haylie likes hip-hop," Hilary offers. "I'm a big fan of Postal Service. I like Saves the Day a lot, and I like Rancid and Britney Spears."

So: Imagine a classic Madonna song, reinterpreted by two girls to sound like Britney meets 50 Cent meets Rancid, with the word "like" sprinkled liberally throughout. Will it work? No matter how these different versions sound, and no matter how "Material Girls" looks when it lands in theaters, fans of the two will likely respond with a phrase that would make Homer proud: Can't get enough of that Duff.

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