Hawthorne Heights Reenact 'Say Anything,' Minus Boom Box

Band shooting clip for 'Niki FM' in July before hitting Warped Tour.

In the 1989 film "Say Anything," John Cusack's sad-faced loner, Lloyd Dobler, won the hearts of audiences and Peter Gabriel enthusiasts everywhere when he stood outside good girl Diane Court's bedroom window, held a boom box over his head and blasted Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

Sixteen years later, the whole scene feels a bit improbable (if not a tad creepy). For one, you wouldn't catch many high school seniors rocking Dobler's trench-coat-and-combat-boots ensemble, and the boom box seems a bit antiquated (although an iPod held aloft wouldn't be quite as dramatic). But most importantly, no one really listens to Peter Gabriel anymore.

Despite all that, Hawthorne Heights are reviving Dobler — and pretty much every other aspect of "Say Anything" — in the video for their next single, "Niki FM."

In the clip, directed by emo-punk auteur Major Lightner (Straylight Run's "Existentialism on Prom Night," the Forecast's "These Lights"), a sad-faced loner (named Lloyd) falls in love with a brainiac good girl (named Diane) and tries to win her over. The only thing standing in the way of his wooing is Diane's overprotective father.

The video opens at graduation, where Lloyd nervously eyes Diane, and we follow the duo through a grad-night kegger, an awkward first date and an even more awkward dinner at Diane's house, where her father dumps hot coffee on Lloyd's lap. When Lloyd confronts Diane's dad, he's kicked out of the house and the two lovebirds are separated.

This, of course, should lead to the reenactment of the famous boom-box scene, but for some reason, in the Hawthorne version, Lloyd becomes trapped inside a giant stereo — a "technological Dante's 'Inferno,' " according to Lightner's treatment — and is forced to fight his way out of the contraption to be reunited with Diane.

Throughout the clip, Hawthorne Heights are seen performing outside Diane's house, taking a back seat to the actors. Judging by their feelings about their first video, for "Ohio Is for Lovers," this is probably a good thing (see "Hawthorne Heights' Star Is Rising — Just Ask The Guitarist's Mom").

The band will shoot the clip in mid-July, right before jumping onboard the Warped Tour (see "Warped Tour Organizers Cave, Announce Full Itinerary Two Weeks Early"). In the meantime, Hawthorne Heights are gearing up for the reissue of their debut album, The Silence in Black and White, which has been steadily climbing the Billboard albums chart, selling more than 300,000 copies. The reissued Silence will be a two-disc affair featuring bonus tracks, demos and a DVD. It's due June 14.