Franz Ferdinand Preview New Songs For Fans In, Er, Russia

Band airs six new tracks in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

While many people celebrated the imminent onset of summer in, say, Daytona Beach or Cancun, Franz Ferdinand chose to catch some rays in beautiful downtown Moscow.

Having finally left the house in the Scottish countryside where they were writing and recording their second album, (see "Bowie, Dylan, Scottish Countryside Influence New Franz Ferdinand LP"), the dapper Glaswegians packed their bags and headed for Russia, where they played two sold-out gigs and previewed a healthy number of brand-new tunes.

During gigs on May 19 (in St. Petersburg) and May 20 (in Moscow), the band worked the kinks out of six new songs: "What You Meant," "Radio," "You Could Have It," "I'm Your Villain," "Evil and a Heathen" and "Robert Anderson Is Christ." The two shows marked Franz's first time on Russian soil, and while there were very few hedonistic antics reported, there were more than a thousand ultra-enthusiastic fans at each gig.

And while those lucky fans got a taste of what Franz have in store for listeners on their sophomore album, no one — not even the band members — is totally sure just how the whole thing will turn out. Up until recently, they were still fine-tuning songs, and even writing new ones on a moment's notice.

"We were recording a new song tonight. We wanted to finish writing and recording it in less than 24 hours, but Paul's favorite snare broke so we'll have to leave it until tomorrow," frontman Alex Kapranos wrote in his studio diary on "It's exciting to think that no one knows how this record is going to sound yet; even us. This time last night the song didn't exist. Now it seems like it'll be one of the main songs on the record."

After rocking the Russians, Franz Ferdinand packed up and headed to New York to begin mastering their record with producer Rich Costey. And while there is still no title for Franz's upcoming album, a spokesperson for the band did confirm that the record is tentatively due in September ... right around the time Franz take the stage at their only confirmed U.S. gig this year thus far: the Austin City Limits festival, which takes place September 23-25 in (duh) Austin, Texas.

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