'American Idol' Recap: Carrie Gets Simon's Vote, Bo Has Proven Himself

Bo struggled with original ballads, but was best throughout finals.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol," and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

May 24 - Theme: Two original songs/contestant's pick from the season

(Click for photos from Tuesday's performance show).

Surprise performance: He struggled with the first schmaltzy original, but Bo pulled through with the second, even though it was certainly not his type of song.

Fashion hits and misses: Simon deserves a shout-out for wearing something other than a black or gray shirt, even if it was just a gray jacket over his gray shirt. By now, Bo's got his Southern rocker look down and Carrie knows what works — although she never did carve out a unique style.

Judging the judges: Simon predicted Carrie from the start, and although he made it look like he'd flip-flopped, he came around at the end with a strong endorsement for the country cutie. His comment about Bo being a pleasure, however, was a nice, rare touch of class. Paula, on the other hand, should eat her words for telling Carrie, "You had some wrong notes, but who in the heck cares?" Um, hello? This is the finale. Shouldn't we care if you hit the notes or not? And thank you, Randy, for calling out how bad those original songs are.

Best audience sign: "Alya Loves Bo." Such a tender sentiment from the tough rocker's grandma.

Who will go: Uh, Paula Abdul? Only time will tell.

Who needs to step it up: After a season packed with surprisingly modern theme weeks, the producers disappointed with the final performance show by choosing two horribly unoriginal ballads for two truly unique voices. Remember this next year.

Who is the one to beat: Bo looked like he had it locked up last week, but the originals were much harder on him than Carrie, and she gained considerable ground. Bo also probably would have been better off doing his stunning a cappella rendition of "In a Dream" as his pick. Still, judging each of them on all of their performances throughout the semifinals and finals (20 in all) — which voters should do when it comes down to two — Bo deserves it.

Guest judges:

Jermaine Dupri: "Bo should win for different reasons. One, because they never picked someone of his genre. And two, he just got a star-like quality. When he comes out, he do what he do. He's not worried too much."

Singer Ryan Cabrera: "I am going to go with Carrie. I was going to say Constantine, but he's no longer there."

Pussycat Dolls singer and former "Popstars"/ Eden's Crush star Nicole Scherzinger: "I love Bo. I think he rocks. I love his vibe. It's very raw. He's loving it and in the moment."

You told us:

If we are voting on talent and stage presence, then Bo Bice should win. But if people are voting based on the likeability factor, the title will go to Carrie. She is an OK singer, but Bo is in a completely different league. He is original and unique, but most people don't get what he is about. That is a shame. He's too good for "American Idol" if you ask me.

Doreen, 25

Miami, FL

Yes, both finalists are really good. And Bo is a great performer, but Carrie's voice soared above and beyond his. Carrie has an amazing vocal talent and the image to win "American Idol." She is the winner in my eyes.

Ali, 23

Chicago, IL

Bo is definitely the winner. Who will buy Carrie's music after, say, one year? She is dull now, so I predict that she will be forgotten very quickly.

Diana, 30

Bethesda, MD

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