My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way: The World's Worst Secret-Keeper

Singer's idea of keeping mum: 'The next video is for 'The Ghost of You.' I have to keep my lips sealed, though.'

Note to CIA Director Porter Goss: We know you're probably understaffed, and the ongoing war on terror probably isn't helping matters any, but under no circumstances should you ever think about hiring My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way to safeguard national secrets. He's just no good at it.

Because while MCR's label, Reprise Records, was being tight-lipped about the band's plans for a new single and video, Way seemed more than happy to spill the beans (though he was probably flogged after the fact).

"I have been sworn to secrecy on this one. It's going to be huge, though," he said. "Actually, the next video is for 'The Ghost of You.' I have to keep my lips sealed, though. I can't talk about what it's going to be."

"Oh man," guitarist Frank Iero interrupted. "One second ago you were like, 'My lips are sealed,' and now you're saying, 'The next video will be 'Ghost'!"

After taking this information back to Reprise, a label rep was a bit more forthcoming with details on the "Ghost" video ... sort of. A spokesperson confirmed that the band was once again working with director Marc Webb, who's helmed the videos for their "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" and "Helena" clips (see "My Chemical Romance Aim For Smashing Pumpkins Status"), and that the video was shot Monday and Tuesday (May 24) on a closed set in Los Angeles.

As for plot points, well, they were hard to come by, but Iero let MTV News have a little taste of what could be in store. If, you know, he was directing.

"I want it to be more like [Jay-Z's] '99 Problems' video," he laughed. "We should all get gunned down at the end of it."

MCR went with Webb once again because of the close bond they formed with the director while making the "Helena" video, which Way intended to be a tribute to his late grandmother (see "My Chemical Romance: They're Okay (Promise)").

"Marc was very respectful about the whole thing. He was very careful about [the scene where] the girl comes out of the coffin. He thought that would be in bad taste. Especially since there were so many things in the video that resembled real life," Way said. "Marc and I and the art directors didn't really talk too much about what it was going to look like. And then we showed up and the coffin was the same, the church was very similar. Everything was pretty much the same as my grandmother's funeral, so that was pretty heavy."

And just because MCR have developed a reputation for having beautifully bombastic videos (and gotten pretty famous as a result), Way maintains that they're not feeling the pressure to deliver the goods once again.

"You get phone calls from people back home like, 'I saw your video on TV! It was awesome!' But people expect you to have changed," he laughed. "They're kind of shocked that we're not acting differently. That we're still doing the same things: hanging out, reading comic books, playing video games, dressing like jerks. Nothing's different at all."