Gucci Mane Expected To Post Bond On Murder Charge

'Icy' rapper is scheduled to leave jail as his LP debuts.

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is expected to post $100,000 bond and leave jail on Tuesday (May 24), the same day his debut album, Trap House, hits stores.

Mane (whose real name is Radric Davis), has been in a DeKalb County, Georgia, jail since Thursday night on a charge of first-degree murder. The bond — posted by the head of his label, Big Cat Records — will allow the 25-year-old rapper his freedom while the district attorney conducts an investigation of the case to determine whether it should go to trial, according to a district attorney's office spokesperson.

The conditions of his bond specify that Mane will have to check in weekly, by phone or in person. The rapper is free to travel anywhere in the United States.

A warrant was issued for Mane's arrest last week in connection with a May 10 shooting at a local home that left a 27-year-old man dead (see "Atlanta Rapper Gucci Mane Faces Murder Charge").

The rapper, whose "Icy" collaboration with Young Jeezy has become a national hit, was informed of the charge on Wednesday while in New York promoting his album.

According to witness accounts given to Mane's lawyer, Dennis Scheib, Mane was visiting a female friend on the night of the shooting when five unidentified armed men stormed in, threatened to shoot the rapper, punched him in the mouth and pistol whipped his friend. Mane shot at one of the men in self-defense, Scheib said.

The body of one of the men, Henry Lee Clark III, was found three days later near a local middle school.

Sergeant W. Durrett of the DeKalb County Police Department said officials believe that the alleged attackers were acquaintances of Mane.

"I think the D.A. will push the police to investigate the case further because they did a crappy job," said Scheib, a former police officer. "They totally dismissed talking to a witness who saw everything, who was mowing the lawn right outside the spot where it happened." Durrett denied that police had failed to speak to any relevant witnesses. The district attorney's office has asked police to turn over their files for its investigation, but has not asked the police to investigate further.

Mane is next due in court on July 5 for a preliminary hearing.