If Coldplay's New Video Isn't Huge, Beyonce Might Get A Call

Chris Martin jokes that the group needs gorgeous girls in its clips.

Coldplay have sold more than 17 million records worldwide and are on the verge of releasing their third album of globe-uniting tunes, X&Y. But as they get more successful, they also seem to get more humble. Like, for example, when they talk about the video for X&Y's first single, "Speed of Sound."

"We shot it with [director] Mark Romanek. It's basically a big, curved LED wall. I think that's what it's called. I'm not too clued in on the technology" bassist Guy Berryman said. "This is our first video back, so it was really a visual announcement for us. It was important to do a band performance, just to say 'We're back.' "

"He's the best video director of all time, though he doesn't like to admit it," frontman Chris Martin said of Romanek. "So we were immensely flattered that he would want to do it with us. For a price."

The video, which will premiere on MTV this week, was shot last month on a massive soundstage in Los Angeles (see "Coldplay Shoot Video, Announce Trio Of Club Shows"). Other than that, details are scarce, and Romanek refused MTV News' requests for interviews.

While Coldplay are a bit tight-lipped about the video for "Speed of Sound," they're more than forthcoming about their hopes for the clip for X&Y's planned second single, "Fix You."

"I think the only way for us to get a video that does really well is for us to get Beyoncé in it. I'm not sure how we're going to do that, though. We're at such a disadvantage because we don't have gorgeous girls in our band," Martin said. "So it's much harder for us to make videos. We should make videos like that band that always has loads of gorgeous girls in their videos — Maroon 5. I think we should give them a call."

"Fix You" is a somber, stand-out track on X&Y (see "Coldplay Album Preview: X&Y A Complex Stadium-Rocker"), and it's already become a crowd favorite at Coldplay's limited U.S. shows. But as for when audiences will get to hear even more songs from the album, well, they're going to have to wait a bit.

"We're sort of picking some and learning how to play them well, and we're slowly starting to introduce some new ones," Berryman said. "Because the worst thing we could do was try to play them all badly."

"We've consciously not played half the new ones yet — including a lot of our favorite ones — because we're waiting for the album to come out.," Martin explained. "We have a song called 'Talk' and a song called 'White Shadows' that we'll start playing when the album comes out, so we're really excited about that."

X&Y is due June 7, and Coldplay will kick off a massive North American tour in support of the album on August 2 (see "Coldplay Kick Off 36-City Twisted Logic Tour In August").