Tom Hanks Teaming Up With Son Colin To Make Movie Magic

Actors will play father and son in 'The Great Buck Howard.'

Writer/director Sean McGinly has reached into his magic hat and pulled out not one Hanks, but two, to star in his next film. Oscar-winner Tom Hanks and his son Colin will play father and son (they are actors, after all) in "The Great Buck Howard," scheduled to shoot later this year.

McGinly, writer of such straight-to-video fare as "Venemous" and "Scorned 2," will take a significant leap as he hopes to make box-office magic with the Hanks men. He'll be writing and directing "Buck Howard," which tells the story of a hapless magician and his assistant, both struggling to ascend through the ranks of professional magic-makers. As the two find their fates inevitably tied together, they come to discover that life is as unwilling to give up its secrets as they are.

In addition to his onscreen appearance, Tom Hanks will produce "Buck Howard" through his Playtone production company. The 27-year-old Colin, who until now has made his greatest impression on audiences with the 2002 teen comedy "Orange County," will be sharing the big screen with his father for the first time — save a brief appearance in "That Thing You Do!"

Veteran actor Kevin Kline will be saying "abracadabra" alongside the double-barreled Hanks performances. Pre-production will begin next month, with principal photography scheduled for September.

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