R. Kelly Shoots Video With The Game As Hearing Continues

R&B star working on 'Playa's Only' clip in Miami; Chicago hearing will reconvene June 1.

Want to see R. Kelly's video? No, not that video — the mini-movie he's shooting for his "Trapped in the Closet" series. It's going to be available as a bonus DVD with his upcoming album, TP-3: Reloaded.

"Trapped in the Closet" is a song in five chapters, the first two of which have already been released to radio. Together, they portray a domestic drama that became a 16-minute short film, which Kelly shot in high definition (see "R. Kelly Ditches Kitchen Sex, Gets Trapped In 'The Closet' "). His reps call "Closet" a male version of "Desperate Housewives," describing it as full of suspense and mystery, with unexpected twists and turns. The first part of the film will air on BET's "Access Granted" on May 25.

Kelly's been in Miami shooting a video for another song on the album: "Playa's Only" (featuring the Game), which hits radio Thursday. Meanwhile, his Chicago defense team represented him in court on Wednesday to argue their previously filed motions to exclude evidence in his upcoming child-pornography trial. The defense calls the identification procedure used by the prosecution to try to match him to the sex tape "suggestive" and seeks to throw that out.

His lawyers also want to exclude the findings of the prosecution's expert forensic pediatrician, the University of North Carolina's Dr. Sharon Cooper, who specializes in developmental pediatrics and determined that the girl on the sex tape was underage (see "Hearing To Determine Age Of Girl In Alleged R. Kelly Sex Tape").

However, Kelly lawyer Ed Genson made little headway in revisiting this argument before Judge Vincent Gaughan called both prosecution and defense teams into chambers, only to later emerge and announce that they would continue the hearing on June 1.

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