Kanye West Shooting 'Diamonds' Video In 'Pray-Goo'

Diamond-toothed MC shooting black-and-white clip in Czech capital.

NEW YORK — Miami, L.A., Brazil ... it's all good, but MCs nowadays are looking to new corners of the globe for their videos. Ludacris just filmed his clip for "Pimpin' All Over the World" in South Africa, and on Monday, Kanye West took off for Prague, where he'll cut his "Diamonds" video with Hype Williams.

"I'm on my way to 'Pray-Goo,' the capital of the 'Shizeck' Republic," West joked, hours before boarding the plane in New York. Showing off his diamond-studded bottom teeth, West gave a straight answer when explaining why he's traveling so far to shoot a video.

"I'm really into architecture and art, period," he said. "You get the sculptures, the cathedrals, the stone floors. It gives you a timeless feel, and we're gonna shoot it in black and white. That look represented the music in 'Diamonds.' "

So what does "Diamonds" sound like? Try an inspired West workout.

"I try to make soundtracks," he explained. "You can hear 'Jesus Walks' if you just look at the ghetto and see somebody going through a hard time. ... [With] 'Diamonds,' I think about athletes running, I think about somebody boxing. ... I think about working out when it gets really hype, something that is the soundtrack to your life. I want you to remember '05 and remember a song 20 years from now.

"I really love the song a lot," he added about the ferocious "Diamonds." "Of course, I could've come with something that was more radio, but I wanted to give them 40 bars and express the musicality. This is how far music can go, this is how far you can take it and still get on the radio. So when [other rappers] are sitting down with their A&Rs, they can be like, 'Kanye's songs had 40 bars on it.' I love that song, I think it has a movement."

Kanye's Late Registration is due July 12 (see "Kanye, Jay-Z Give An Early Peek At West's Late Registration"). Guests include Jamie Foxx and violinist Miri Ben-Ari, who both also appeared on The College Dropout.