'American Idol' Recap: Bo Knows Rock — And Country And Funk

Bice is versatile, Vonzell gets emotional, and Anthony pulls off a classic that Carrie couldn't ace.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol," and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

May 10 - Theme: Country/Sounds of Philadelphia (songs of Gamble & Huff)

Surprise performance: Poor Anthony had to close the show singing "If You Don't Know Me By Now" — after the judges hated Carrie's rendition of the same song just minutes earlier. But A-'Rov nailed it, perhaps securing his spot in the final three.

Fashion hits and misses: Just like her first performance, Vonzell's dress was all over the place. It was a country theme, so we'll excuse Anthony's denim on denim. The hit of the night was Bo in mirrored shades and a suit (sans dress shirt).

Judging the judges: Maybe it was the judges getting along, but something just seemed off. A parade of previous "Idol" finalists (John Stevens, Jasmine Trias, La Toya London, Mikalah Gordon) showed up, seemingly to support Paula Abdul in the wake of scandal (see "Corey Clark Advertises Paula Abdul Affair, LP On 'Primetime' "). She responded by not saying much that made sense. Randy, what exactly does "doing your thing" mean? As usual, Simon was on the money with his critiques and brought back his signature analogies, comparing Anthony singing a soul song to "Woody Allen playing the lead in 'Shaft.' " He even showed some tact with an emotional Vonzell.

Best audience sign: "She's a Little Bit Country, She's a Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll." Carrie's known as the country girl, but let's not forget some of her rockin' performances.

Who will go: No one deserves it, but it's probably Vonzell.

Who needs to step it up: At this point, everyone. There are no more easy weeks. With the possible exception of Bo, each of the singers had one off performance, and the song selections were average at best. To win it, you need the equivalent of Fantasia's "Summertime" last season.

Who is the one to beat: Remember Bo Jackson's "Bo Knows" campaign: Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball, etc.? Well, "Idol" finalist Bo should adopt it. Bo knows rock. And as he proved Tuesday, Bo knows country. And Bo knows funk. And he's got personality to boot.

You told us:

Vonzell has it all: great vocals, entertaining performances, charisma and the best sense of fashion. She just needs tons of votes. Carrie will be a good country singer, but she's not "American Idol" material. She just doesn't have that "It" factor. I can't think of any reason why Anthony has come this far, except maybe his boyish look. And Bo is good, but he's not flexible enough to do every genre. A rock star shouldn't be an Idol anyway.

A, 24

New York, NY

Carrie has an amazing voice, but so does Vonzell. If everyone voted correctly, they will be the top two. But since Bo oddly has such a loyal fanbase, Vonzell will be unfairly eliminated too soon.

Sam, 20

Cambridge, MA

Bo Bice is very overrated. He murdered "For the Love of Money" and his country song was horrible.

Diane, 19

New York, NY

No matter what kind of music he sings, Bo's voice shines.

Bridget, 34

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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