Taking Back Sunday Give Video Over To 'Hungarian' Child Dancers

Clip for 'Set Phasers to Stun' features tiny troupe dressed in white unitards.

Taking Back Sunday are five dudes from Long Island, New York (actually, singer Adam Lazzara is originally from North Carolina), with tattoos and piercings, and as such, they are not very often confused for a bunch of kids in white unitards and headbands.

So you can imagine the reaction at TBS' label, Victory Records, when a video for the band appeared on the doorstep featuring a troupe of overly enthusiastic, white-clad children acting out a loose dance routine to Taking Back Sunday's tune "Set Phasers to Stun."

Shock and mild amusement were first, followed by the drafting of a jokey press release, which proclaimed, "Taking Back Sunday will no longer perform in music videos: Band states all videos moving forward will be interpretive dance routines based on their snappy guitar parts and haunting melodies." The release claimed the video was the work of a Hungarian dance troupe called Troup de Pozolo de Zav.

Other than that, no credit was given for the video, which also features a kid in a fake mustache barking orders to his troupe of "Hungarian" dancers.

And all of this is made a bit weirder by the fact that Taking Back Sunday recently told MTV News that they weren't sure if they'd ever make another music video again, hinting that the decision wasn't necessarily theirs to make (something a spokesperson for Victory was not aware of).

"Well, to have another single for this record, would be, um ... difficult," Lazzara said in slow, diplomatic pauses. "For reasons like, well, I don't want to say anything bad. ... We would love to have another single."

"We're going to say 'Maybe,' " bassist Matt Rubano interjected. "But most likely the next thing you'll hear from us is our song from the 'Fantastic Four' video game and the movie" (see "Taking Back Sunday Donate Song To 'Fantastic Four' Game").

At the time of the interview, the band seemed less than thrilled with Victory, as evidenced by a post Lazzara left on TakingBackSunday.com in which he blasted the label for an advertisement it placed in the tour program for TBS' current co-headlining jaunt with Jimmy Eat World (see "Monsters Of Emo: Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday To Tour In April").

"This morning I came across a tour program having absolutely nothing to do with our current tour. ... After close examination of said program, one would be led to believe that we are currently on tour with every band on Victory Records ... [as there's] not a mention of Jimmy Eat World," the entry read. "The whole back page ... is nothing more than a corporate agenda (cleverly disguised as an anti-corporate agenda), placed strategically in front of everyone to raise funds for more Escalades, vacation homes and non-corporate office supplies."

The Victory spokesperson denied TBS had any beef with the label and added that if the band wanted to release another single and video from its gold Where You Want to Be, all the guys had to do was clarify their plans once they got off the road with Jimmy Eat World (see "Taking Back Sunday Wolf Down Nachos, Create New Genre: Ushen") ... which Lazzara was less than forthcoming about when he spoke to MTV News.

"All I know is every Friday this summer there are fireworks at Coney Island," he laughed. "And I'm going to see them."

Regardless, Victory seems to be puzzled as to what to do with the video for "Set Phasers to Stun," and it's not known whether or not it will be an Internet-only clip, à la their tourmates' recent video exploits (see "Jimmy Eat World Taking Next Video Into Their Own Hands"), or if it will be submitted to MTV.