Vicious Teens And Happy Drunk Lead 2005 MTV Movie Awards Nominees

'Anchorman,' 'Mean Girls' get four nods apiece; McAdams scores in five categories.

A loving, comedic tribute to '70s political incorrectness and a razor-sharp satire on high school values head the 2005 class of MTV Movie Awards nominees, with Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" and Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams' "Mean Girls" snagging four nominations each.

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Ferrell is nominated for Best Comedic Performance for his portrayal of the bumbling, scotch-loving antihero in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," while the film's three other nods came for Best On-Screen Team, Best Fight (the epic Battle of the News Teams) and Best Musical Performance (a surreal version of "Afternoon Delight").

"Mean Girls" is going head-to-head with "Anchorman" for Best On-Screen Team, and is also up for Breakthrough Performance Female (Rachel McAdams), Best Villain (McAdams, again) and Best Performance Female (Lohan). (See the entire list of categories and nominees for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards below.)

McAdams is also nominated in the Best Female Performance category for her acting — and the Best Kiss category (with Ryan Gosling) for her make-out skills — for "The Notebook."

A couple of other movies that fared well in the nomination scramble — "Spider-Man 2" and "The Incredibles," with three and two nods, respectively — also lent their names to nominees in a new category unveiled this year: Best Video Game Based on a Movie. In addition to Spidey and the animated, crime-fighting Parr family, other hopefuls in the gaming mix include "Van Helsing," "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay."

As always, a few nominees managed to pop up in seemingly incompatible categories. Ben Stiller, for example, has a chance to win two golden popcorn buckets, Best Comedic Performance and Best Villain, for his role as White Goodman in "Dodgeball," while Jon Heder is nominated in both Breakthrough Performance Male and Best Musical Performance (the unforgettable "election dance") for "Napoleon Dynamite."

And finally, to answer the question that has been tormenting moviegoers for the past 12 months, the obligatory same-sex team in the always highly anticipated Best Kiss category is represented this year by Jennifer Garner and Natassia Malthe (as Typhoid Mary) in "Elektra."

Nominees for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards: