'American Idol' Recap: Bo Is The One To Beat, Anthony's Time Is Up

Scott proved his critics wrong; Carrie doesn't have Vonzell's stage presence.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol" and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

May 3 - Theme: Leiber and Stoller songs/Songs currently on the charts

Surprise performance: As Simon said, Scott has had more close escapes than Houdini, but he won't need one this week. Seemingly determined to prove his critics (and perhaps www.votefortheworst.com) wrong, he picked the right songs and delivered his best two performances in weeks.

Fashion hits and misses: Scott is also the winner here, looking less scary without the pencil beard and with a little hair. Carrie, especially with her second outfit, keeps looking better — and younger — while Bo so has his own thing going (and that's a good thing). Anthony could use some spicing up.

Judging the judges: Randy says he's a "pretty established record producer," but www.allmusic.com says otherwise. Randy and Simon disagreed more than ever before, and for once, at least with Vonzell, Randy is right. Paula deserves her patented seal clap for finding something nice to say about Anthony's first performance. All in all, they should've been tougher on the second-half song choices, which could have been so much more exciting.

Best audience sign: Just edging out "You Can't Spell Bodacious Without Bo!" is "Bo 4 President," only for the visual it inspires.

Who will go: Anthony's out of his league and he showed it. His second song was better, but not enough to rescue the disaster that was "Poison Ivy."

Who needs to step it up: Carrie is beautiful, and her voice is beautiful, but as Simon put it, her performances are "robotic." She just doesn't have the stage presence of Bo or Vonzell.

Who is the one to beat: Bo's got the look, the voice and the song-selection skills, and is still the frontrunner. And Constantine's departure last week should only help him, assuming Bo will get his votes. Vonzell's chances of being in the final two are looking better, despite her lame move in choosing the "American Idol" single for her second song.

You told us:

Scott Savol is very talented, and I love his voice. I think that he will be really successful even after "American Idol." I really want him to win, but I think that will be tough with Carrie, Vonzell and Bo as his competition. I believe in you, Scott. Keep giving America nothing but your best.

Danielle, 18

North Hills, CA

Vonzell is all personality. Sure, her high notes are good, but her stage presence is what wins it all. Carrie is much more talented, despite her stage presence. That's just her being a country girl. Either way, Carrie or Bo will be taking this competition.

Dianna, 23

Fairfax, VA

Bo and Scott were OK, but Vonzell hit two really flat notes in the second song, and her rendition of "Treat Me Right" was awful. This is a singing contest, not a dancing contest. Singers who hit flat notes are simply not the best singers. Carrie was flawless last night.

Debbie, 49

Welcome, NC

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