Nine Inch Nails' Next Video Gets 'Fight Club' Treatment

Director David Fincher developed a new computer-graphics concept for the clip.

Nine Inch Nails' sold-out North American tour is just starting, and "The Hand That Feeds" — the first single off their upcoming With Teeth — is hitting radio stations now, but that doesn't mean that Trent Reznor and his cronies aren't already thinking ahead.

They've already shot the video for Teeth's second single, "Only," working with a guy whose eye for the dark and dank might even surpass Reznor's: director David Fincher.

Fincher — famous for the bleak and brutal flicks "Seven" and "Fight Club" — hasn't made a video since A Perfect Circle's "Judith" in 2000, but it's not like he's a newbie to the format: He's also directed clips for Madonna ("Express Yourself") and Aerosmith ("Janie's Got a Gun"). But those videos are walks in the sunshine compared to his recent work, and it's that dark side — combined with a whole bunch of high-tech frippery — that he's bringing to "Only."

According to a spokesperson for Fincher, the new video almost entirely comprises computer-graphics-enhanced shots, and the director developed a brand new CG concept for the clip. Points of reference can be found in the CG shots from "Fight Club," including a scene that looks inside the head of Edward Norton's character. As with most of Fincher's work, the video for "Only" relies heavily on post-production, and as a result, the clip is not expected to be completed until June.

The video's blend of technology and emotion seems like a perfect match for the new NIN album (see "New Nine Inch Nails LP Takes Risks — By Being Accessible"), and now fans can decide for themselves, because NIN are streaming the entire With Teeth album via a special player on Web site/makeshift dating service Just cruise over to the band's page on and have a listen to "Only" — or any other track on the album — before it hits stores on May 3.

Nine Inch Nails' North American tour kicks off Wednesday (April 27) in San Francisco and runs through a May 31 date in San Diego (see "Nine Inch Nails To Launch Theater Tour In April").