'American Idol' Recap: Anthony Tugs Heartstrings, Pulls Off Celine Dion

Constantine's vocals were off; Randy was hard on Carrie; Scott has run out of time.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol," and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

April 26 - Theme: The 2000s

Surprise performance: When Ryan Seacrest teased that Anthony was singing a Celine Dion song, America sighed a collective "oh no." But what do you know — he pulled it off. And with that sentimental home segment before, how do you not vote for this kid?

Fashion hits and misses: Finally Carrie lost the '80s hair and looked like a cute country girl again. Bo also played up his image (Southern rocker dude) and pulled it off, despite Simon's opinion on the sunglasses. Anthony dressed up in a suit for his idol, Clay Aiken, who was in the house. Really the only misses were those leather straps flinging all over while Constantine sang.

Judging the judges: Randy was unusually harsh on Carrie, Constantine and Scott, but dead-on for the most part. That meant Paula (who usually just rewords Randy's critiques) had a few rare negative things to say. Simon, as usual, was the most insightful, especially with Constantine, whom he said was better suited to crooning vocals.

Best audience sign: Moms for Rockers. Did you catch the look of disappointment on Heather Locklear's face when her daughter said her favorite was Anthony (even though she was whispering "Constantine")? She's definitely a mom for rockers.

Who will go: You know how at every party there's someone there who really shouldn't be, but he just won't leave? Sorry Scott.

Who needs to step it up: Constantine should make his first trip to the bottom three for his rendition of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me." He's a performer, but the vocals were off.

Who is the one to beat: At this point, Bo's stolen back all the momentum from Carrie. A Bo vs. Anthony finale is starting to look like a possibility.

You told us:

I definitely think that Anthony Fedorov is stealing America's hearts, but mine still belongs to Bo. He is the best by far. It will come down to a contest between Carrie and Bo, and Bo will ultimately win.

Amber, 25

Grand Rapids, MI

It has surprised me that Scott has stuck around so long. At this stage of the competition, anything can happen. Each finalist better give their all each time they perform. Anthony could be next to go, although he has been impressive lately.

Carrie, 46

Pocatello, ID

Anthony may have bought himself one more week, but he's still hanging on by a wire. I still think we're going to see Bo and Carrie in the finale.

Christina, 22

Halifax, NS

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