Snoop Rolls Out Two New Flicks At Tribeca Film Festival

New Dogg Pound LP also in the works.

"It was a different experience for me," Snoop Dogg said of Willie, the afro-sporting, denim-overall-clad character he plays in "The Tenants." "It gave me a chance to play a character that's so far from Snoop Dogg that I had to stretch out and really find who [Willie] was."

The Doggfather recently proved that he is a bona fide thespian, with not one but two films at New York's Tribeca Film Festival under his belt. The first showcases Snoop with an ensemble cast in "The L.A. Riot Spectacular," which takes a humorous, bizarre and provocative look at the events surrounding the 1992 riots. And "The Tenants" has him strutting his Denzel skills by playing a militant black writer breaking the concentration of Dylan McDermott, a Jewish writer who lives in the same building. While the film's screenwriter/director, Danny Green adapted the film from the Bernard Malamud novel, much of the acting was improvised.

"In the rap world, they call it freestyling," Snoop smiled. "And in the movie world, I guess it's a form of freestyling as well — to come up with your lines as you go. But being with professional cats like that, it's easy."

But don't get it twisted, the Doggfather hasn't gone completely doughboy yet. He's currently working on Tha Dogg Pound's upcoming album with original members Kurupt and Daz Dillinger; the two recently joined the How the West Was One Tour with Snoop and fellow Westsider Game. Cali super producer Battlecat (who's worked with Faith Evans and WC) even joined the guys on the road so the upcoming album's momentum wouldn't be interrupted.

"We're on the road right now working on it," Snoop said of the long-overdue DPG album. "We're trying to put it out in the fourth quarter, so be on the lookout for it."

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