More Posthumous Jeff Buckley Music Likely To Come

Upcoming Sketches LP from acclaimed singer/songwriter to be followed by live and studio work.

It appears that the forthcoming two-CD set Sketches (for my sweetheart,

the drunk) won't be the last word from late singer/songwriter Jeff


The 20-song collection, due out May 26, is likely to be followed by a

series of additional recordings taken from both concert and studio tapes,

according to Buckley's mother, Mary Guibert. Among the work listed for possible release is material described by Buckley's drummer, Parker Kindred, as "mind-blowing, flooring music" that is sure to carry on his legacy.

"We are already anticipating that the follow-up album to this will consist

of live performances, most likely in-concert recordings from the final leg

of the Australian tour," Guibert said in a prepared statement issued by

the highly acclaimed singer/songwriter's label, Columbia Records.

"However, there is a wealth of material from other concerts and live

performances from radio shows around the world," Guibert added. "Other

possibilities are outtakes from [Buckley's debut studio album] Grace

and Live Sin-é."

In addition, Guibert noted that there are several tracks that were not

included on Sketches because of space limitations or time

constraints. One of those songs, "Mood Swing Whiskey," "sounds like [the legendary Hollywood actress/performer] Judy Garland," according to Kindred.

Prior to his death at age 30, the East Village, N.Y., songwriter and son of the famed folk-troubadour Tim Buckley had achieved critical acclaim with Grace (which has sold over 200,000 copies in the U.S. to date, according to SoundScan). Buckley, whose father died from a heroin overdose at 28, left behind numerous unreleased recordings featuring his characteristic soaring vocals.

Among the other tracks cited by Guibert for possible future release are

"Sky Blue Skin," "Woke Up In A Strange Place" and "Don't Listen To Anyone But Me."

Guibert also worked with Columbia Records in compiling the tracks for the Sketches album. The 20-track, two-CD set features some tracks that Buckley had recorded during the summer of 1996 and winter of 1997 -- during sessions produced by former Television guitarist Tom Verlaine -- as well as Buckley's own four-track home recordings.

In the weeks before Buckley drowned last May while swimming in the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tenn., he had sent Kindred -- along with Buckley's backup guitarist Michael Tighe and bassist Mick Grondahl -- four-track home recordings of songs that the band was expected to record when it rejoined Buckley in Memphis at the end of the month, including "Mood Swing Whiskey" and another song called "Let's Bomb The Moonlight."

"He sent us a letter and it said, 'Don't study this -- you guys are going

to come down and add the color. These are just black and white, static,' "

Kindred recalled. "This was mind-blowing, flooring music. It was the next

step to the continuation of his amazing stuff."

Sadly, Buckley died on May 29, the day that his bandmates arrived for recording.