Anwar Robinson Voted Out Of 'Idol' Competition

Dapper music teacher doesn't make the cut; six singers remain in competition.

For the "American Idol" faithful, it was just another week, another dismissal. But for dreadlocked 25-year-old pop-star hopeful Anwar Robinson, it's back to the classroom.

In what was perhaps this season's most gripping results show, the charismatic, spruce middle school music teacher from East Orange, New Jersey, was sent home last night following an uneven performance of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic "September" during Tuesday's 1970s disco-themed show — a rendition "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell didn't think "was a winning" one.

Cowell's appraisal, as it turned out, was right on target. Robinson, a favorite of judge Paula Abdul, had been branded one of the season's early frontrunners by oddsmakers — much like last week's castoff, Nadia Turner. But America cast their ballots, and when the results were revealed, it was Robinson who'd netted the fewest votes.

The husky Scott Savol, who sang Carl Carlton's "Everlasting Love," and the demure Anthony Fedorov — Cowell called his interpretation of Tavares' "Don't Take Away the Music" "insipid" — were both spared for yet another week (see " 'American Idol' Recap: Scott Was At His Best, But Was It Enough?"). But being one of the bottom-three vote-getters is a feeling both contestants have become familiar with, and if "Idol" viewers' recent voting habits — which have been nothing this season if not consistent — are any indication of what's to come, it won't be long before Savol and Fedorov are history.

Vonzell Solomon, Carrie Underwood, and "rockers" Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis are the four other remaining would-be pop stars. Next week, America will continue to whittle away at the six finalists, all leading up to the "American Idol" finale, which has been scheduled for May 24 and 25.

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