Gangsta Rappers AllFrumTha I's Bang-Up Debut

Duo break out on their own after building reputation for making guest spots on LPs.

Binky and Squeak-Ru sound like names you'd find in nursery rhymes.

But the duo who constitute AllFrumTha I aren't into child's play, instead

choosing to follow in the hard footsteps of their mentor and friend, rapper Mack


With the release of their debut, AllFrumTha I, the first issue on rapper

Mack 10's Hoobangin' label, the rap team made up of Binky on turntables and

Squeak-Ru on the mic, bring a host of banging hip-hop sounds to the recording


The name AllFrumTha I points back to the band's hometown of Inglewood,

Calif., where fellow rapper Mack 10 grew up with Binky and Squeak, both of

whom declined to give their actual names or ages. Mack 10, who acted as

executive producer for the 10 tracks on the album, said his longstanding

friendship with AllFrumTha I helped when it came time to give constructive


"If you really don't know somebody, you come around and tell them their shit is

wack, they might get mad," said Mack 10, who also declined to give his birth

name. "But with the homies from AllFrumTha, if I didn't like something, I'd say,

'Squeak, that was wack' or 'Bink, that was wack,' and it was all good."

Not eager to rush into anything, up until now AllFrumTha I have built a name for

themselves guesting on all-star trio Westside Connection's debut, Bow

Down, alongside members Ice Cube, Mack 10 and WC. And, over the past

couple of years, Binky and Squeak have dropped tracks on the albums of such

rap denizens as Master P and Ant Banks; most recently, AllFrumTha I were a

part of hip-hop master Ice Cube's latest venture.

AllFrumTha I establish themselves as players in the gangsta-rap genre with

tracks such as


(RealAudio excerpt), where Squeak issues a stern warning to those who might

elect not to give him his due -- "Niggas better watch they step/ I might be the

craziest motherfucker you ever met/ I retaliate for respect/ come correct/ step

and I'll break your neck" -- over Binky's insistent keyboards.

The twosome spoke highly of their recent reunion with Ice Cube on several

songs for his upcoming double-disc, War And Peace, as well as their

longstanding association with fellow rap man Mack 10.

"They keep you motivated," Squeak said. "Especially Cube. He's the hardest

working man in rap. He keeps you on your toes."

The two pay tribute to their friend Ice Cube on AllFrumTha I with the track


ollin Wit Connect" (RealAudio excerpt), a remake of Ice Cube's "Rollin'

Wit The Lench Mob."

"The remake of 'Rollin' Wit The Lench Mob' on this album is one of my favorite

songs. If I ever wanted to do one of Cube's songs, that's the one I wanted to

do," Binky said. "Squeak had the rap before I had the song and he found one of

my beats that he liked on tape and we went from there."

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