Bow Wow, Omarion Team Up For Single And Scream IV Tour

Trek, which also includes Marques Houston, kicks off July 18.

NEW YORK — It feels good to be Bow Wow right now, the 18-year-old said Monday (April 18). He's getting ready to make fans shout again with a headlining stint on the Scream IV Tour, and while the entire lineup isn't finalized yet, he's signed up one of his best friends: Omarion.

"[It's] me and O so far, and Marques Houston," Bow Wow revealed. "We've got three other acts we're gonna lock down. Me and O and Marques, we're drafting. Now the clock is ticking."

Bow said he expected to have the bill completed as early as Monday night and that he wouldn't mind having one of Ludacris' partnas on the road this summer.

"I really feel like I'm the coach. I'm listening to what the fans want to see. My man Bobby Valentino is hot," he said (see "Launching Bobby Valentino's Career Is All In A Day's Work For Ludacris"). "I think that 'Slow Down' record is big. I like the record myself. I might have Bobby on the tour. You never know. It's exciting. I feel that this is capable of being the best Scream Tour we ever came with."

Fans can look forward to plenty of theatrics during the youngsters' road show, which kicks off July 18. Bow compared the tour to the wrestling show "Monday Night Raw."

"It's gonna be a lot of chaos," he promised. "It's gonna be a lot of pandemonium. It's gonna be outrageous. They way we're doing it is not like your normal concert. When you go to your normal concert, it's four people on the bill. Everybody has their own set. We're doing it like how you come to wrestling and the ring is in the middle. It's gonna be more like a live movie than a show.

"You know how you go to wrestling, when they're backstage and talking and it's a dialogue and a set, it's like movie, a soap opera, like a play almost. I might come on and do three songs, then disappear. Then somebody else might come on, do their songs and then come off. It's gonna be stupid."

No doubt one of the loudest reactions during Scream will come during Bow and Omarion's duet of "Let Me Hold You." That record is the first single off Bow's July 12 Wanted LP and hits radio this week.

"The record in Atlanta is always a buzz," he explained. "Kids are calling up to the station like, 'Yo, where's that Omarion and Bow Wow record?' The [way the] whole thing came about [was] me and Jermaine Dupri were in New York, in the studio working, and he was like, 'You need to get Omarion on this.' I said, 'O? That's nothing. I'll call him right now.' "

Bow and O coordinated their schedules and recorded together in L.A.

"Basically the song is me talking to a girl and telling her, 'These are the things I can do for you. Let me hold you down. This is what I want to do for you as a man. These are the things I'm capable of doing for you if you get with me. Just hear me out.' I'm just really talking to the ladies. The song is really special to me, and I love that song."

The two friends could hardly stop laughing during the session, since they tend to get a little silly when they're around each other.

"Lots of jokes, that's just how me and O gets down," Bow said. "It was hilarious. We're just having fun. We got done shooting the video, it was two-day shoot. The video is grown and sexy, it's out of control. I never had a number one video on 'TRL' before, so I feel like this one here might get number one on 'TRL.' If I do, it's lights out."

Wanted was produced mostly by Dupri and also includes guest spots from Snoop Dogg and Ciara. Bow's next movie, "Roll Bounce," is due September 12. The teenager is also gearing up to shoot a pilot for what he said will be a "reality show meets a sitcom" titled "Bow." Bow Wow hasn't dropped the "Wow" from his name, he just chose to go with "Bow" for the TV show because it's what those closest to him call him the most.