Putting Off Homework Just Got Easier, Thanks To New Web Site

IProcrastinate.com provides Internet's most popular functions in one portal.

For all you bum college students who will do just about anything to put off writing that pesky English paper, ignoring your homework just got a lot easier.

IProcrastinate.com — which launched on Monday — is a college social-networking site that aims to provide users with hours of time-consuming content by combining some of the Internet's most prized functions in one handy-dandy portal.

The site was founded by 19-year-old University of Miami student Ben Horowitz, who also co-masterminded CollegeJunktion.com, an online auction site specifically tailored for students.

"College is all about networking and getting to know each other, and in today's day and age, the Internet plays a huge part in that," said iProcrastinate.com CEO and President Jason L. Baptiste. "But unlike other social-networking sites, you won't be let down a few weeks later when you have realized there are no other functions to explore. Imagine combining LiveJournal, AIM, Webshots, Thefacebook, College Junktion, MySpace and Yahoo! Games all into one, and you have iProcrastinate."

Horowitz wanted the name of the site to reflect its primary goal of being a source for slackers. "[I just thought,] 'What do college students do on these sites? They sit around and put off their work,' " he said. "They're going there because they're bored and want to talk to their friends and see what's new in the college community. That's what this is."

A section of the site called "My Procrastinate" allows users to customize their space with blogs, photos, calendars, auctions, games and classifieds. Other features include instant messaging with live-audio and video-chat capabilities; a database of events, parties and concerts searchable by zip code; and a food-delivery service where students can have discount meals delivered to them on campus.

IProcrastinate also plans to launch a music division this summer that will be similar to MySpace, where underground artists and bands feature their tunes to a vast audience of potential listeners. A celebrity-endorsed clothing line is also in the works.

The site was designed in two months by a team of undergraduate students, age 18 to 23, at the University of Miami. One advantage to having an energetic, youthful team is the ability to adapt and deliver the goods at a timely pace, Baptiste said. After receiving a few suggestions for the site's launch, the team busted out a complete site redesign within 24 hours.

Since its debut, iProcrastinate has already enrolled more than 23,000 members. Currently, the service is only available to college students and those with an ".edu" e-mail address, but Baptiste said if the demand comes, they'll expand the site to a broader audience.

"Right now we're content with our target market, since it's so huge already," Baptiste said. "But we're going to leave it up to the people, and if the people want it, we certainly won't hold it back from them."

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