Snoop Dogg's So Busy His Ears Are ... Um ... Turning Red?

Rap mogul has three movies planned, is expanding his youth-football league.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Snoop Dogg's new mission to unite the West Coast hip-hop scene hasn't sidetracked the mogul from his massive slate of upcoming projects.

In the last week alone, Snoop shot a video and finished a movie, on top of bringing together his peers for a peace summit (see "Snoop Dogg Holds Summit To Squash Beefs, Unify West Coast") and promoting the How the West Was One Tour, which kicks off Friday (April 15) (see "Snoop, Game Pledge Unity, Promise 'No Funny Business' On Tour").

The video was for a medley of "Ups & Downs" and "Bang Out" and features a cameo from the Game.

"It's some gangsta sh-- off my album 'cause I felt I was going a little pop, a little R&B," Snoop said. "I wanted to take it back to the streets and let y'all know how I really do it. So I went to the 'hood and snatched my homeboys. It's real urban."

Along with hitting the usual outlets, the "Ups & Downs"/"Bang Out" video will be featured on the DVD of "Boss'n Up," the movie Snoop wrapped up a few days ago.

Snoop, under his Snoopadelic Films, also executive produced the musical drama, which co-stars Lil Jon and was directed by Snoop's longtime friend Pooky Brown.

The script, about lovers willing to risk anything to escape poverty, was inspired by Snoop's album R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.

"It's a story about a pimp who falls in love with his ho ... and a pimp isn't supposed to fall in love with a ho," Snoop said. "I have actual videos from my record that I shot in this movie."

Snoop plans to premiere the movie in Los Angeles in June before it's released on DVD. Other bonus features on the DVD will include the previously unreleased "Get to Know Ya" and a "Drop It Like It's Hot" remix featuring Jay-Z and Pharrell, a documentary on the Snoop Dogg Players Ball, and a first look at Snoop's video game, "Fear & Respect."

"Boss'n Up" is one of several upcoming Snoop movies. The drama "The Tenants" with Dylan McDermott is premiering at next week's Tribeca Film Festival, while "Coach Snoop" is scheduled to shoot in the fall.

"FOX green-lit it to make it happen, so we're just working out the last few things to get it together," Snoop said. "It's going to be a great movie. Hut, hut, hike!"

Speaking of football, Snoop is also launching the Snoop Youth Football League in eight inner-city areas of Los Angeles.

"Each kid that plays on the team has to have a C average, which is a 2.0 GPA, to play," Snoop said. "They have to maintain that. If their grades drop below that, they're kicked off the team for a week, maybe two weeks. At the same time, it's about us teaching these kids something positive, and this football league means the world to me 'cause the kids are our future."

Snoop will continue to coach his son's football team (the inspiration for "Coach Snoop"), and he's also developing a cartoon called "Tales of the Dogg."

"I've got my hands on everything, man," he said. "I stand up on my head till my ears turn red."

Um, OK.