Fred Durst Developing Reality TV/ Talk Show Hybrid

Producers reportedly pitching the program to networks next week.

If you downloaded his sex video, you may feel like you already know too much about Fred Durst. Still, for anyone itching to get to know the rap-rocker a little better, Durst and a team of reality-TV producers are developing a show called "My Life With Fred Durst."

Although they're still "hammering out" details, according to Durst's camp, Variety reports the weekly, one-hour show will combine celebrity interviews with reality segments chronicling Durst's personal and professional life.

"I just want to have a spontaneous platform to have good conversations with people, who aren't necessarily on the show to sell a movie or product," Durst told the magazine. "I'm not interested in being controversial and pushing envelopes."

Durst and the producers, Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey, Patrick Panzarella and Scott Sternberg, plan to pitch the show to networks next week, although according to Variety, at least two cable outlets have already expressed interest. Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, which said it was attracted to Durst's wealth of pop-culture knowledge, has several projects in the works, including a high-stakes gaming show and a reality show with Kathy Hilton, Paris' mom.

Since the height of Limp Bizkit's success in 1999, Durst has continually showed interest in other forms of entertainment and has been attached at times to direct various movies. He's also appeared as himself in "Zoolander" and "Be Cool" and plays a devil-worshipper who kidnaps Bill Pullman's character's son in NBC's six-hour miniseries "Revelations," which launched Wednesday.

Durst most recently made headlines when a sex video stolen from his computer was leaked on the Internet (see "Fred Durst Says Sex Video Was Stolen From His Computer").

The singer has otherwise been below the radar for most of the past year, recording Limp Bizkit's fifth album, The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1) (see "Fred Durst Promises 'Brutal' New Limp Bizkit Album").