White Stripes' New Single And New Look Revealed

'Blue Orchid' will be the first release off the band's upcoming fifth album.

It's pretty obvious by now that the White Stripes are the kind of band that like to have a little fun with the media. When they first appeared on the scene, they wore only red and white, gave cryptic interviews and stuck to their whole brother/sister shtick with the ferocity of a pair of pit bulls. Fast forward a few years and, while their outfits have changed (and their sibling spoof debunked), they still seem to get a kick out of messing with the press.

Witness, for example, the story of their new single, "Blue Orchid."

Tuesday night, XL-Recordings.com — the Web site of the Stripes' U.K. record label — let fly with information about the new single, the first off the duo's upcoming fifth album. In addition to a U.K. release date (April 18), the apparent cover image for the single was also posted. It features Jack and Meg in a pose similar to the cover of their last album, 2003's Elephant. The duo stand back-to-back against a bright red background, beneath a giant white microphone. Meg sports a new Mod-ish hairstyle and wears a red-and-black gown, and Jack is now rocking a full black getup, including a snazzy new hat (sadly, it appears his Grammy telecast moustache has become a thing of the past). The duo holds what look to be microphones, and they touch hands behind their backs.

As of Wednesday (April 6) morning, all mention of "Blue Orchid" had disappeared from XL's site, but the White Stripes' publicist did confirm that the song is the first single off the album, though it was not made clear whether or not the image posted on the site will be the single's cover, or merely a promotional photo for the upcoming album. More information on said album — due in stores on June 14 — will be released next week.