'American Idol' Recap: Is Carrie Pulling Ahead Of Bo?

Anwar and Nadia, former shoo-ins for the final five, still have a way to go before they're favorites again.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol" and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

April 5 - Theme: Musicals

Surprise performance: Given that he's a veteran of musicals, it's no surprise that Constantine delivered his best performance yet with "My Funny Valentine," but it is a surprise that he's suddenly become a favorite. The staring at the camera thing is getting creepy, though.

Fashion hits and misses: Nadia continues to make up for the Mohawk and looked stunning in her white gown. Scott also erased memories of his hideous shirt last week by donning a classy suit. On the other end, Bo's vinyl shirt/leather pants combo was just too glossy. And Anwar had too much going on with the layers and patterns.

Judging the judges: Simon said he likes "this kind of music," he just happened to not really like any of these nine songs. Good thing for Paula, who again loved everything (and is in love with Constantine, as she confessed). As ornery as he was, Simon at least deserved the right to critique, but Randy, Paula and Ryan were constantly interrupting him, apparently unaware that he and his creative analogies are the reason some people watch the show.

Best audience sign: "We love Simon COWell" with Simon's picture on a cow.

Who will go: Anthony Federov was the worst performer, but Simon's nasty critique should help again with the sympathy votes that are carrying him. Scott Savol has yet to land in the bottom three, but that was before the domestic-violence charges surfaced (see " 'Idol' Finalist Scott Savol's Past Domestic Violence Rap Surfaces"). Will his supporters stand by him? Maybe if he turns in an amazing performance, but that wasn't one.

Who needs to step it up: One-time shoo-ins for the final five Anwar and Nadia were in the bottom three last week and still have a long way to go before they're favorites again, especially with Nikko and Vonzell's stocks rising.

Who is the one to beat: In the battle of big end notes, which is what each performance seemed to be about, Carrie Underwood held her own and surpassed Bo as the frontrunner.

You told us:

This season is amazing, especially for the guys. I think it will come down to Bo and Carrie. They are both unbelievably talented singers and performers. I also like Anwar, Anthony and Constantine, but Bo and Carrie really seem like naturals.

Mallory, 16


I'm curious as to why you don't talk about Constantine like you do Bo. At least Constantine isn't afraid to venture out of his box. Constantine isn't a poseur — he is a rocker, period. Bo is OK, but do you really think he can sell a lot of albums when he'll only sing dinosaur rock? He is very one-dimensional.

Tammy, 46

Seattle, WA

If Scott isn't booted for his arrest, he should be booted for abusing a good song.

Ephe, 18

Jakarta, Indonesia

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