Dave Grohl Reveals Details About Foo Fighters Double Album

In Your Honor slated for June release; world tour in the works.

Those tech-savvy Foo Fighters are at it again. First it was guitarist Chris Shiflett who was dropping exclamation-point-filled electronic missives on the band's official message board, and now it looks like head Foo Dave Grohl has caught the blogging bug.

In a note posted on FooFighters.com, Grohl wrote that after many long nights and almost a year of writing, rehearsing and recording, the band's new record is finally finished. A title and month of release have already been selected for the disc.

"In Your Honor will be the band's fifth album. Almost exactly a decade [since] the release of the first Foo Fighters record, it will come out in June," he wrote. "It is a double album, as promised. One CD rock, one CD acoustic. It will surprise you. It surprises me.

"It is by far the most ambitious project I have ever had anything to do with in my entire life," he continued. "There are subtleties. There are complexities. There are extremities. There are familiarities. I have probably single-handedly depleted the Kona Coast of all coffee reserves, but we did it. It's done."

Like Shiflett before him, Grohl details the making of Honor, from the recording of more than five hours of demos in his bedroom, to months spent rehearsing more than 40 songs, to the construction of the Foos' own "Studio 606."

But he stops short of mentioning any additional specifics about the double album, writing only that there are 20 tracks and that a "few guests" make appearances throughout (see "Foo Fighters Joined In Studio By John Paul Jones, Norah Jones").

He also mentions the band's plans for a world tour, and though the only confirmed dates are rock festivals throughout Europe and Asia, it appears that fans of the Foo can expect a full-scale North American assault very soon.

"Just so you know, I have a calendar in front of me that is a year long ... packed with tours that will spin us around the globe over and over again," Grohl wrote. "It makes me dizzy just looking at it. I can't f---ing wait."