'American Idol' Recap: Anthony Gets An 'Aikeover,' Vonzell Pulls Off Whitney

And thank you Nadia for redeeming yourself.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol" and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

March 29 - Theme: The '90s

Surprise performance: Vonzell's flown under the radar for weeks, but her rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" was her coming-out party.

Fashion hits and misses: Scott, what happened to the hat? And what's with the silk shirt? Too much. Anthony's Aikeover (as in, Aiken makeover) takes a big step with the removal of his glasses. Not sure he pulls off the torn jeans yet, though. Thank you Nadia for redeeming yourself.

Judging the judges: If Paula is to be believed, then everyone is a favorite. Good thing she's not to be believed. Surprisingly, all three judges liked Constantine doing Bonnie Raitt. Randy gave Anwar the kind of practical advice it would be nice to hear the judges offer more often. Simon's analogies were missed, although he was spot-on for the most part (minus his knock on Bo). But what's with holding his lighter during his critiques? Can't wait for that smoke break?

Best audience sign: "My Grandma Wants a Date with Bo." It's good to know Anthony's not getting all the grandma votes.

Who will go: Jessica Sierra. Simon's right, she doesn't stand out. And look for Scott Savol in the bottom three for the first time. R&B is his only genre, and Anwar and Nikko do it better. (Who do you think should be the next to leave "Idol?" Vote in our poll.)

Who needs to step it up: The best thing to happen to Anthony was Simon's cruel critique, which should bring on a flood of sympathy votes.

Who is the one to beat: Carrie continues to creep up on Bo, but his experience is still paying off during his energetic performances.

You told us:

Paula Abdul gets so excited about the most mediocre performances and brushes off some of the better ones. Her opinion can't mean anything to the performers or the audience because it is not in touch with reality. Her fixation with Nikko is quite strange and is obviously driven by something other than his talent.

Danielle, 27

Oklahoma City, OK

After that performance, Nikko Smith became my favorite. Not only is he a joy to watch, his voice is truly magical. He sounds like Stevie Wonder! I hope he winds up in the top five.

Kiana, 18

Baton Rouge, LA

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