Witness: Alleged Conspirator Knew Who Was Attacking School

Teen says Louis Jourdain yelled Jeff Weise's name before seeing him.

Joe Good thought it was odd that one of his fellow students yelled the name "Jeff" several times before anyone in the Red Lake High School library knew who was behind last week's deadly shooting spree.

"Louis Jourdain, he's one of [shooter Jeff Weise's] best friends," Good, 17, said of the teen who was arrested Sunday and charged as a conspirator in the shooting (see "Teen Charged In Connection To Red Lake High School Shootings"). "At first he pushed over the librarian's desk and he was like, 'F---! Jeff! ... It's Jeff!' and he ran out."

Good said he thought Jourdain had seen Weise, but the shooter never entered the library. Instead, Jourdain raced from the room to confront Weise, who, according to accounts Good has heard, pointed the gun at Jourdain's head, smiled and then shot someone else.

Good said he went to the library at the end of the day to get caught up on homework. At first there were 20 or so students in the room, but once the shots rang out, he said, a few ran for shelter. "I was just walking in, and then it was a quick 'bang bang.' You could just feel a vibration off the wall, you didn't know what it was," Good said.

After seeing security guard Derrick Brun on the floor bleeding, Good was ushered into the librarian's office by a teacher, who barricaded the door with a filing cabinet in case the shooter tried to come in. "But I don't think it would've helped," Good said. "He would've shot us all through those windows. ... I was just ready, I was just kinda calm and scared at the same time. [I was thinking], 'I just hope I make it out alive.' "

Good said another student in the library was also referring to the shooter as "Jeff." "I don't know if [Louis] knew about the plan or was planning it with [Jeff], but [this other guy] either knew or heard Louis say Jeff's name," Good said. Jourdain is the only person arrested so far in connection with the incident, and officials have not said whether any other arrests were expected.

Good said Jourdain "used to have a lot of friends, but then he went into the goth thing and he got quiet." Weise, also described as a goth, was obsessed with drawing grotesque figures with gunshot wounds and creating animated films featuring murders, according to reports (see "School Shooter Left Trail Of Clues On The Internet"). Good doesn't remember Jourdain having the same kind of interests, but said at some point in the past year the son of the tribe's leader became less outgoing and withdrew from some of his old friends.

Floyd Jourdain spoke out in defense of his son on Tuesday (March 29). ''Last week I spoke on behalf of the Red Lake Nation as its leader and a saddened member of this community," he said in a statement printed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "Today, I speak as a father. As many of you are aware, my son, Louis, has been charged in association with the shootings that occurred here last week.

"My heart is heavy as a result of the tragic events that unfolded here at our nation. But it is with optimism that I state my son, Louis', innocence. He is a good boy with a good heart who never harmed anyone in his entire life. I know my son, and he is incapable of committing such an act."

If you ever see a student carrying a weapon or hear talk of plans for violence, you can anonymously call (866) SPEAK-UP toll free and the tip will be forwarded to the proper local authorities.

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