Forget Simon, Mikalah Gordon Says She'd Rather Take John Gotti To Her Prom Now

Ousted 'Idol' finalist looking to do sitcoms.

Simon Cowell need not rent a tux after all.

Mikalah Gordon told the judge he would have to take her to her prom if she were voted off, but she's since changed her mind. "I decided that he can critique me all he wants on the stage, but if he were to critique me at prom on my dress and my hair, it wouldn't happen." (Instead, she's got her eye on John Gotti of "Growing Up Gotti" fame.)

The 17-year-old firecracker from Las Vegas, whose voice earned comparisons to Fran Drescher ("I think I just got a sinus infection that never went away," Gordon joked of how she came to sound like the actress), was eliminated Thursday after the first re-vote in "American Idol" history.

MTV: You went back and forth between showing two different sides of yourself. Do you regret not focusing more on the wild child the judges seemed to prefer?

Mikalah Gordon: Not at all. I think that you got to see two really good and different sides, because even though I love to have fun and am really exciting, I can go to church without talking, too!

MTV: What were your thoughts when you heard about the re-vote?

Gordon: Whether you had a good performance or not, it really stressed everyone out. We didn't know if we were going to have to perform again or anything. I know for me, I wasn't too excited because it wasn't my best performance and I would have to be critiqued again.

MTV: You are the only finalist who said on their profile that part of the audition process was unfair. What part?

Gordon: I just think some of the contestants had a lot of talent and they sent some of those people home. I don't know if maybe it was because they didn't have a lot of camera time or they got cut off a little early and didn't get to show what they had.

MTV: You have said you are into punk. Ever think about fronting a punk band?

Gordon: I don't know. I really am into Green Day and the Used and My Chemical Romance, so we'll see.

MTV: What is next for you?

Gordon: Everything. I realized I'm a big drama queen, so I'm going to try and get my own sitcom. [She said she's already gotten offers and won't be returning to her Las Vegas high school anytime soon.] I know "The Nanny" [Drescher] is coming out with a new sitcom, so if she needs a daughter, I'm her girl! But it's not the end, don't worry.

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