Claiming 'I'm Not A Chump,' Student Auctions Himself Off For $29.95

Stu Hemesath offered himself up as a prom date on eBay.

Forget begging your friend's older brother — or heck, your own brother — to escort you to prom this year. Instead, you can just look to the nearest online auction blocks to find a stellar (or at least cheap) date for the most overrated night of your life.

Just ask 17-year-old Rachel Kay, who purchased her date on eBay for the bargain price of $29.95. (Shipping was free, up to a 30-mile radius from the seller's location.)

Stu Hemesath, a high school senior from La Porte City, Iowa, came up with the idea to auction himself off while he was studying in class. "I've sold things on eBay before," he said. "I just thought it would be cool to go to other people's proms and even get a little money for it." Hemesath had seen auctions like this up on the site before, but none have gotten as much exposure — media outlets from NPR to The Associated Press have reported on his listing. "Others would get like 2,000 hits on their site. I got over 50,000, I think."

As an informal disclaimer in the listing, which went up March 10, the student wrote, "Don't think that just because I'm putting myself on eBay that I'm a douche bag. I'm not a chump." In fact, the 18-year-old prizes himself on being a great, ahem, buy. "Don't look any farther!" he exclaims in the ad. "I'm the best-looking prom date for sale on eBay, so quit wasting your time looking for a date. Actually, forget the date you already have — he doesn't even like you. Place a bid to take me to your prom."

Kay, who has already paid for her goods, told reporters she placed the bid just to make an ex-boyfriend jealous. She isn't even planning to go to the prom this year, according to Hemesath, who has spoken with the high school junior "probably four or five times" since the auction ended on March 17. However, the two are planning on meeting up at a later date.

Hemesath also made sure to include a description of himself in the listing, because as he put it, "I don't think I would place a bid on someone you know nothing about." The 5'10'', 150-pound blond (with stunning green eyes, incidentally) says he plays various sports, namely wrestling, which "is the only [sport] that matters." He was also voted the nicest guy in his class, "but that was, like, three years ago." The student athlete also included photos of himself in his wrestling uniform, as well as two prior formal photos from homecoming and prom.

Hemesath received more than 30 Instant Messages and 70 e-mails from people who had seen his eBay ad. "When it was up, I only had national publicity so no one in Iowa really knew of it," he said.

Hemesath, who is planning to attend the University of Iowa, where he'll major in computer science, also stated in the listing that the winning gal will have to foot the bill for everything. "But if you're nice-looking, I'll probably get you a nice flower," he added.