Bow Wow Turns 18, But The Real Party Starts In June

Rapper/actor has new album, new movie and Scream IV Tour set for summer.

Turning 18 may be an important rite of passage for most folks, but Bow Wow is content to wait a while before he marks it in a big way. Instead of having a huge birthday party on Wednesday, the celebration won't start until June.

The rapper's fourth album, Wanted, is due June 28 and marks a collaborative reunion with producer Jermaine Dupri (see "Bow Wow Kicking It Old-School — All The Way Back To 2001"). While finishing touches are still being put on the disc, Bow Wow's rep said the first single will be "Like You." The dance track, featuring crunk & B queen Ciara, is sure to be blasting when Bow Wow finally does celebrate his birthday and album release all rolled into one party.

The wait may be a surprise for fans who remember "Eighteen," the third track from his last album, where he rhymes about how he's going to commemorate this milestone immediately: "When I turn 18/ I pull up and stop, let my system knock/ They all know I'm super cool when I drop the top/ When I turn 18/ I get my crib up on my first day/ And every week we celebrate like it's my birthday."

When he finally gets the party rolling it's not going to stop for a while. His next project, the 1970s coming-of-age film "Roll Bounce," will open July 1 and is directed by Spike Lee's cousin Malcolm D. Lee (who also directed "Undercover Brother"). After conquering basketball in "Like Mike," Bow Wow is equally comfortable on wheels in the new flick. And if you're thinking dubs, then think again: The wheels in this film are roller skates (see "Bow Wow Goes Back In Time, But Brings His Cell Phone Along"). Since Bow Wow's 16th birthday party was a roller-skating celebration, this requirement didn't really pose a challenge for the rapper/actor.

Bow Wow will continue to juggle his big-screen work with his recording career. After promoting his star turn along with co-stars Nick Cannon and Meagan Good, he'll hit the road for the Scream IV Tour in July.

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