Stone Age Frontman Confirms 'Tragic' Tour Rumor, Thanks Understanding Fans

Eagles of Death Metal are off Queens tour, according to a recovering Josh Homme.

When we last left Josh Homme and his Queens of the Stone Age cohorts, they were returning home from an aborted European tour (the result of Homme's severe bronchitis), and plans for their upcoming North American tour were left up in the air.

But fast-forward two weeks, and everything appears to be just fine.

Speaking to fans on for the first time since he began coughing up blood in a Paris hotel room on February 22 — which had him on the first flight back to the U.S. and left a whole bunch of European fans totally bummed out — Homme thanked fans for their support. And beyond that, he pledged to make amends to those who missed out on seeing the Queens in Europe (see "Bloody Bronchitis Derails Queens Of The Stone Age Tour").

"First I'd like to say thank you to all well-wishers. Your words and thoughts were printed out for me to read, and you know what, it meant a lot to me. It was cool to see sweet things instead of bottles of meds that were not meant for recreation. You guys are all right," he wrote. "I'm trying to think of something cool for all who still got [their] tickets for the shows missed. I'm thinking a free vinyl 45. I just wanted to say thanks for understanding. I feel better already."

Homme also acknowledged that the band's North American tour would be going on as scheduled, with one slight alteration: The opening slot will no longer be filled by his hard-rockin' side project, the Eagles of Death Metal. Since last week, rumors had been circulating on Queens' fan sites that the Eagles were dropping off the tour, and the reasons ranged from the practical (the financial strain of taking two bands with alternating members on the road) to the slightly bizarre (a rift between Homme and Eagles' main man Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes). So Homme moved to put an end to all the talk ... and called out those who had been spreading the gossip.

"I am sorry to confirm recent rumors about the Eagles of Death Metal canceling [on] our tour. The reasons for this tragic cancellation are financial [and] family oriented. I wanted nothing more than to watch the Eagles of Death Metal dip the boogie in the woogie every night of this tour, so please don't blame me for their cancellation," he wrote. "If you accuse me of daring to stop the E of DM, then the terrorists win. If you think I did something Eagle-negative, you love terrorism and support terrorists, so, I blame you back. Let's see you get off your couch and do something to help, you know-it-all."

According to Homme, Southern California's Throw Rag — the self-described "Pioneers of Sailor Rock" — will now handle the opening duties on the tour, which begins March 14 at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas (see "Queens Of The Stone Age Keep LP, Tour Shrouded In Mystery"). But Homme promises that the Eagles will tour with the Queens on a "later, longer U.S. tour."

Also on, the band announced plans for an in-store performance and signing at the Virgin Megastore in New York's Union Square on March 21, the night before their new album, Lullabies to Paralyze, hits stores. The first 450 fans who pre-order the album from Virgin on May 18 will receive a "Willy Wonka"-esque golden ticket, granting them access to the in-store — but don't expect a meet-and-greet with Homme's personal Oompa Loompa army.