Witness: I Saw Michael Jackson Molesting My Brother

Accuser's younger sibling delivers graphic testimony.

In graphic testimony Monday (March 7), the younger brother of Michael Jackson's accuser said that he twice saw the pop singer fondle his sibling at Neverland.

The molestations, he testified, came shortly after Jackson showed him and his brother pornographic magazines kept in a suitcase in his bedroom, CBSNews.com reports.

Jackson's defense team said the singer does own adult magazines but that he does not show them to kids.

The boy also testified that Jackson showed them sexually explicit Web sites, gave them wine and exposed himself to them.

"Me and my brother were watching a movie and Michael walked up naked. Me and my brother were grossed out," he testified. "He sat on the bed and said it was natural."

In both alleged molestation incidents, which occurred two days apart, the 14-year-old said his older brother was lying in bed sleeping while the 46-year-old Jackson touched him and masturbated, The Associated Press reports.

"My brother was asleep. Michael was masturbating while he had his left hand in my brother's underwears. ... I didn't know what to do. I went back to my guest room," the witness said.

He said Jackson had also spoken to him about masturbation, asking if he'd tried it and then insisting, "Everyone does it. You should try it. It's OK."

The boy could not say for sure when the alleged molestation incidents occurred but claimed they happened after the airing of Martin Bashir's documentary "Living With Michael Jackson," in which the then-13-year-old accuser appears.

Jackson is also charged with holding the accuser's family captive at Neverland to coax them into filming a rebuttal to Bashir's piece, which sparked controversy because Jackson admits in it to sharing his bed with children.

The younger brother is expected to take the stand again on Tuesday.

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