JoJo Wants Fan Input On Fourth Single Choice

Singer wants fans to make the call while she writes songs on the set of her first film.

JoJo is working hard on developing acting chops in the land Down Under, but that doesn't mean she's putting her music career on hold.

Three months after her 14th birthday, JoJo has wrapped the video for her third single, "Not That Kind of Girl" (see "JoJo Unfazed By Trappings Of Fame (In New Video, Anyway)"). And she's already starting to brainstorm ideas for her next album.

"I am constantly writing poetry, stories and songs," explained the singer, who is currently on location in Australia working on her film debut in "Aquamarine" (see "JoJo Says She's No Lindsay Lohan, Scrambles To Ready Herself For 'Aquamarine' "). "And I am really, really looking forward to it because I've been through more and I've experienced more. So it's going to be a little bit more different. But I think when I get really focused, I'm going to be in the studio, because that's where you get really focused."

Due to her upcoming Hollywood debut, studio time isn't in the near future for the teen pop star. But no need to fear, she is already in talks over possible collaborations for her upcoming album and promises her fans that they are "very talented people [they will] know of" and the experience will be "very exciting."

Last year at the American Music Awards, JoJo expressed an interest in collaborating with hip-hop legend Dr. Dre (see "JoJo Says She's 'Not That Kind Of Girl,' Wants Dr. Dre For Next Album"), but has yet to hear from him.

"I would love to work with [Dre] because of the fact that he worked with Gwen Stefani and people that were not expected from him," she said. "I haven't really followed up on it, but I've been telling everybody. That would mean so much to me."

In addition to Dre, JoJo has also declared her wish to work with soulful songstress Alicia Keys. Regardless of who she will be collaborating with, she insists she doesn't feel any pressure to create a certain sound.

"On everybody's second album, people are like, 'We're gonna take it to the next level. I'm gonna be so much more mature and I'm gonna do this and that,' " JoJo said. "But I'm not gonna say anything because I'm gonna let what happens happen organically."

And in order to let her creativity flow, JoJo is keeping her schedule open.

"I don't wanna tour this summer. I really want to focus on the second album and give it all that I can," she explained. "I'm definitely going to do random tour dates around America like I've been doing. I do at least two shows a week and I love doing that, but I don't think I'm going to sign on to a tour right now."

If fans can't wait for JoJo's return, they can still keep in touch with her while she's overseas. Already planning to release a fourth single from her platinum debut, she is asking her fans to help her decide which song it should be.

"My record company wants more singles. Radio stations have wanted more singles as well," JoJo claimed. "But I don't know because it's in between three. We were thinking 'Never Say Goodbye', 'Homeboy' or 'The Happy Song.' So [fans] can go to my Web site and give us feedback of what [they] think about those three singles. We're definitely looking for [their] input."