Mya Is Murderous Onscreen And A Control Freak On Record

Film, TV roles put her characters in peril, but next LP puts singer in the driver's seat.

When Mya is acting, it is so simple — death becomes her. She played a murderer in "Chicago," and she says she enjoyed being surrounded by blood and mayhem in her next two projects as well.

"I'm in a project where I'm killing someone and I'm in a project where I get killed," Mya revealed, describing her role in the just-released Wes Craven werewolf horror film "Cursed" with Christina Ricci and her guest spot in an episode of the CBS drama "NCIS," which airs March 1.

So which is more of a delight, to kill or be killed? "It depends on what my motive is," she answered. "It's fun chasing people, and it's fun getting chased and screaming and acting like the victim."

On "NCIS," the singer has to act as somewhat of a snoop when a loved one bites the dust.

"The role I play is Samantha King, and my sister gets killed," she said. "The entire time, we try to find out who was her murderer. She was a good girl; she was in the Navy. It's so puzzling. We found drug residue in her nose, and she never did drugs in her life. I'm very offended she died this way. My father is also in the hospital. He has bone cancer, and he's devastated too. It's causing me to have mental breakdowns, and I don't know who did this. It's very frustrating. Wait until the end."

Mya scoffs at the idea that all of her onscreen roles have her turning her back on music. She said acting roles are just filling holes in the gaps between albums.

In addition to recently completing two tsunami-relief songs for charity (see "Mya, Brian McKnight, Ben Moody On Tsunami Benefit Song"), Mya appears on the soundtrack to "Fat Albert," guests on a track for the Cuban Link LP Chain Reaction called "Sugar Daddy" — and is focused on completing her fourth album.

"It's coming out this year. It's called Control Freak," she said. "Control Freak is basically learning how to gain control of a situation yourself, gaining control in order to be [a] free and beautiful person in life."

The sexy crooner is taking control of her album in her own hands by producing part of the record herself. She also has producers Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, Lil Jon and songwriter Sean Garrett on board for the project.

It is still a ways off before we see Mya in her own music video off of that project, but on Sunday she shoots the Cuban Link video "Sugar Daddy," and she recently completed work on Game's video "Dreams." If you've listened to the Game's The Documentary, you've heard the MC openly lusting for his Interscope labelmate, rapping, "I had dreams of f---in' a R&B b---- like Mya/ When I saw that ass on the front of that King/ Read the article in the magazine/ She loved gangsters, loved nasty things."

To read exactly what Mya thought of Game's rhymes on "Dreams" — and if she would give him the time of day offscreen, come back to on Monday and check out her response in "Mixtape Monday."

(MTV's parent company, Viacom, also owns CBS.)