Your Next American Idol Is ... Barbie?

Mattel's plastic princess sings 'Oops! ... I Did It Again' in a bid for the title.

Things continue to look up for Barbie since she ditched Ken, her jobless, commitment-phobic boyfriend of 43 years.

Not content with simply running for president last year (see "Dollitics '04: Plastic Politicians And Tiny Terrorists"), Barbie has decided to shoot for the coveted title of "American Idol." The Mattel toy company gave the plastic icon a welcome fit for a superstar when it unveiled the doll at the New York Toy Fair on Thursday with the help of real-life American Idol Fantasia Barrino.

"I think an 'Idol' is someone that you can look up to, someone who carries herself in a way that people will look up to her," Barrino said in a statement.

Having held more than 90 careers, including rock star and Air Force pilot, Barbie has certainly branded herself as a role model. Now, decked in a denim micro-miniskirt, leg warmers and a hot pink tie-dye top, with Britney Spears' "Oops! ... I Did It Again" as her chosen song, Barbie hopes to be officially named "American Idol" by her fans.

But first, she'll have to beat pals Simone and Tori for the title. Sporting a fringed skirt, feather boa and her "lucky wrist cuff," Simone has chosen "Ladies Night" as her song. Tori, the rock chick who hopes to start her own label someday, gets tough in her pinstriped pants and patchwork blue top and belts out "What I Like About You."

More than 700,000 Barbie fans have voted for their favorite in a poll on the Barbie Web site, and a winner will be announced on April 1.


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No matter who wins, Barbie and her friends will get their own "American Idol" Show Stage this spring, complete with a dressing room where they can touch up their signature sassy styles and a performance area where they can belt out their chosen tracks for adoring fans. In the fall, aficionados can emulate the 12-inch icon with the Rockin' Recording Studio, which allows them to record their own music on a working FM radio.

Should Barbie win the coveted spot, however, she'll be able to ditch that old Barbie Dream Car and cruise around town in a brand new Mustang Convertible. Who needs Ken when you've got Simon on your side?

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