Whose Outfit Fell Apart? Who Did Kanye Get Advice From? Grammy Moments You Didn't See

MTV News saw a lot that the cameras didn't ...

Whose outfit fell apart on the carpet? Who did Kanye West get advice from at the end of the night? Which punk rocker does Jill Scott think "has it going on?" MTV News saw a lot of stuff that escaped the cameras at this year's awards.

Here are some highlights:

  • One of the first stars to walk the carpet was Jadakiss, sporting a three-piece suit and arriving with his mom and dad, who looked equally sharp (see "Celebs Keep It Down-To-Earth On Grammy Carpet (They Wore A Lot Of Brown, Anyway)"). Spotting another early arrival, Jada threw a "What's up?" to TV personality Star Jones as she and husband Al Reynolds walked past.

  • Slipknot walked the carpet wearing their signature masks, and gave the cameras a very metal greeting — the finger. This being a special occasion, the bandmembers donned black suits, and one upped his style a notch by carrying a pimp cane. Jadakiss, standing with his crew near the masked men, asked, "Who are these n---as?" One of Jada's people clued him in, and the rapper responded, "Oh, they gonna win the most tonight." (Click here to see who won what.)

  • Latin/jazz/funk outfit Ozomatli turned the carpet into their own personal stage when, at each stop, they performed part of their song "Saturday Night," singing and banging out the rhythm on the wooden barricade.


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  • The combined star power of Gwen Stefani and Eve literally stopped traffic on the carpet (see " 'Rock Star Sexy': Watching Eve Get Dressed For The Grammys"). As soon as the two met up, a huge circle formed around them. Stefani brought along five dates this year: the stylish Harajuku girls from her "What You Waiting For?" video, and of course husband Gavin Rossdale.

  • As the start of the show approached, the green carpet became so flooded with people that the Roots' ?uestlove was heard complaining, "Damn! I can't find my date."

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  • Grammy night wasn't without its fashion snafus. Twista barely avoided a fashion disaster just hours before the show. "My manager and I were arguing and I thought I was gonna have to wear an ugly suit," the rapper said. "But my stylist came through in the clutch." And Star Jones' original ensemble suffered a malfunction, and she was forced to change outfits in the middle of the green carpet, with a camera crew holding up a tarp around her.

  • Evoking a collective "Huh?" from the media, former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno made her way down the carpet as reporters asked in a chorus, "What's she doing here?"

  • Similarly curious was the clash of white hair that took place at the entrance to the Staples Center when Hulk Hogan and classic rocker Edgar Winter found themselves standing in line next to each other. An astute photographer, noticing a great opportunity, brought the two together for a picture.

  • Inside the venue, Los Lonely Boys were seen engaging in a group hug at the top of the elevator near the press room, celebrating their victory for Best Pop Performance With Vocals by screaming "We won!"

  • R&B songstress Jill Scott was heard walking around backstage singing Green Day's "American Idiot." "I love that song — and that singer has it going on," she singer said. "I would love to work with them. I don't know what it would sound like, but that's what would be fun." Later, Scott cheered when John Mayer won Song of the Year (see "Kanye Steals The Show, But Ray Dominates Grammy Winners' Circle"). "He is so pure," she said.

  • The Black Eyed Peas gave the media a bit of news about their upcoming album, telling reporters that they are trying to complete a song with Justin Timberlake and producer Timbaland called "Monkey Business," which Will.I.Am described as "funky fresh."

  • As U2 watched the Artist of the Year award presented from backstage, Bono mumbled that it would be either Green Day or Kanye West. "This was Green Day's year," Bono said. "They made an amazing album." When Ray Charles won, the Edge let out a little cheer: "That's great!"

  • After talking hip-hop with Sway, John Mayer joked that he has a collaboration with Lil Jon in the works. "Skeet, skeet, skeet," he sang, as Sway laughed.

  • Maroon 5 stopped an interview backstage to watch Loretta Lynn and Jack White's acceptance speech, and commented on the country star and White Stripes singer's chemistry.

  • Jack White won't be celebrating too hard: On Monday, he'll take a flight back to Detroit to start recording the next White Stripes album. "It should only take a few weeks," he said.

  • After the show, Kanye West and Stevie Wonder crossed paths in the press room. They shook hands, and Stevie whispered in Kanye's ear. Kanye responded, "Thank you for all your advice."

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