John Mayer, Jesse McCartney Invited To Grammy Dress-Up Party

Nominees, presenters plunder piles of freebies at Grammy Style Studio.

HOLLYWOOD — You have to admire Isaac Brock's bluntness.

"Right now I'm just freeloading," the Modest Mouse singer said Wednesday as he sipped on free wine and sorted through free clothes at the Grammy Style Studio. "It feels like a trade show."

Brock was one of several artists who hit the first day of the Grammys' second annual official fashion showcase, where nominees, performers, presenters and other celebrities are showered with the latest, coolest and often priciest clothing, accessories and gear of the new year (see "What Goes With A Golden Gramophone? The Grammys Offer Advice").

Whether it's Oakley's Thump MP3-player sunglasses, a pair of Stitches jeans or the colorful dress shirts in Ted Baker London's spring line, it's all here for the taking — if you're famous, that is.

"I just got these Michael Kors orange aviator sunglasses, which will be good for driving in," Jesse McCartney said as he flipped through Tommy Hilfiger jackets. "This is my jam right here: Low key but kinda funky."

"I lost 123 pounds, dawg, so I can grab off the rack," Randy Jackson added as he picked out a similar coat, albeit with patches. "I'm switching my look to a little more preppy."

Jackson eventually walked past the Jamin Puech purses (which Jennifer Lopez and Joss Stone are apparently carrying) to the Black Eyed Peas to congratulate them on their Grammy nominations.

Meanwhile, Nick Carter and A.J. McLean tried on accessories from Hoodwink, a London company that customizes Nike shoes, gloves, headbands and wristbands with jewelry. "I really like this," McLean said as he slipped on a wristband.

The Backstreet Boys joined Brock, McCartney, Jackson, the Peas and Mario at the Grammy Style Studio at Ocean Way Recording Studios in the afternoon and then returned at night for the reception.


Photos: Mayer, McCartney, More At Grammy Style Studio 02.09.2005

While McLean mingled with designers, Carter chatted with 311 singer Nick Hexum, who arrived with tennis star Venus Williams and requested a Jack Daniels from the bar (sorry, only sponsors Heineken, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Little Penguin wines and Bacardi's Island Breeze rum available). Lil Jon's Crunk!!! was also served, and as a rep from the energy drink boasted, "Crunk!!! isn't just a drink, it's a lifestyle."

Maybe that's what John Mayer needed, as the visibly exhausted singer arrived late after performing with Kanye West down the street at the House of Blues. Or maybe a presentation from Sony on their new portable briefcase TV might spark the techie singer/songwriter's interest.

Whatever the case, Mayer had better get energized, as several other "gifting" suites have been set up around Los Angeles for Grammy week. The idea is that the artists will actually wear some of the free clothing or accessories to the Grammys, giving the companies massive exposure.

With the Black Eyed Peas, however, that won't be the case.

"My clothing line launches next week, so my, Taboo's and Apl's [outfits] are being made now," Will.I.Am revealed. "It's off the hook —, check it out."

Now that's exposure.

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