Ciara Pulls Ludacris Into Her 'Oh' Dance Party

Rapper guests in clip for mixtape hit; crunk diva dances on his car.

If Ciara's the next Janet Jackson, then she's well on her way to starting her own rhythm nation, since her next video is — you guessed it — another dance party.

The first lady of crunk & B has picked the mixtape hit "Oh" to be her next single (see "Mixtape Monday: Mos Def Hasn't Lost The MC Itch; Chamillionaire Inks Major Deal"), and she recently shot a video with director Fat Cats in Atlanta, with Ludacris re-creating his guest spot on the groove-heavy song.

"It's a song I recorded in this one week," Ciara said recently. "I didn't waste time and just write to any beat. If I don't like a beat, I won't work with it."

In the video for "Oh," Ciara turns hanging out with her friends into an all-out dance celebration. She dances in the middle of the street, surrounded by a crowd and their cars. She dances on the edge of a roof of a parking garage as her backup dancers freestyle a few moves of their own. And she dances on top of Luda's car, after he speeds into frame.

Though technically Ciara has the lead role in the clip, the real star of her videos is the choreography. And she's got a whole team assembled to help her find the best steps, including in-demand choreographer Devyne Stephens, who's created dance routines for P. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Pink, TLC and, most famously, Usher. Ciara also has former backup dancers for both Usher and MC Hammer on board — she calls the latter "the baddest chick in the game."

"The choreography is very intense," Ciara said. "In rehearsals, we just go crazy to find the best moves that we can."