Jay-Z Denies 'The Game's Through' Freestyle Is Aimed At Game

MC says freestyle was actually 'a love letter to summer,' but is laughing as he says it.

There's commotion over Game this week, as usual — but oddly enough, it's not being stirred in L.A., overseas or even in Game's own camp. Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek appeared on New York's Hot 97 Wednesday and downplayed rumors of beef between them and Game, which had been ignited by comments by Bleek and a Jay freestyle on the station on Monday.

During that appearance, Bleek was asked by DJ Funkmaster Flex for his thoughts about Game. Bleek challenged Game to "put money up in a battle on a street DVD" and, later, Jay let loose a freestyle that many believed took shots at Game. "You saying my name to entertain your crew/ I ain't playing no games, sh--, the game's through/ You can get it broad day on Broadway while 'TRL' taping/ You playing a game you know you can't win/ Quit playing them childish games with grown men."

When the two appeared on the station on Wednesday afternoon, however, a caller asked Jay who the freestyle was directed at. "That wasn't getting at no one," Jay replied. "The rhyme that I said actually was a love letter to summer," he said, making a reference to the fact that his albums have acted as soundtracks for the past eight summers, and summer is going to miss him now that he's retired. Jay was audibly smiling as he made this comment.

Game has never minced words when it came to Memphis Bleek — whom he dissed last year on mixtapes — but has since come out and said the beef was squashed. He has dismissed speculation that he had some sideways talk for Jay on The Documentary.

In other Game news, the MC has realized his dream of getting closer to Mya: The sultry singer, whom Game raps vividly about on "Dreams," appears in the forthcoming video for the song, along with Dr. Dre and USC quarterback Matt Leinart.

Game is currently on tour in Europe with Snoop Dogg, but before he left, the Compton fire-starter filmed two clips, the aforementioned "Dreams" and "Hate It or Love It."

Scheduled to drop first, "Hate It or Love It" was directed by the Saline Project and also features 50 Cent. Details are scarce, but according to Game's camp, one scene will depict the two G-Unit members as kids.

"Dreams" reportedly finds many of the actions Game raps about in the song, like fantasizing about Mya, brought to life. That clip was directed by Dr. Dre and Phillip Atwell.

For a full-length feature on Game, check out "Game: Out Of The Shadows."