50's Next Date: Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton?

G-Unit MC's newest street track is a laundry list of a love letter.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, 50 Cent is opening his candy shop to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

The always unabashed MC just dropped another freestyle to the streets, and this one has the G-Unit captain laying down his automatic weapons and picking up Cupid's bow, name-checking a plethora of big-screen dimes he wouldn't mind getting with.

"I don't sugarcoat sh--, I'm as real as it gets," he raps on a freestyle that has been labeled both "Good to Me" and "If This World Was Mine" on mixtapes. 50 jacks the beat from Tweet's "Turn Da Lights Off," produced by Kwame.

A little later 50 goes in for the kill and starts calling out the ladies.

"Malinda Williams, she's a sexy little thing/ I'd give my right hand for just one night with Regina King/ Elise Neal got the best legs and hips/ Angelina Jolie got the sexiest lips."

As the record closes out, 50 talks about meeting Penélope Cruz at a Golden Globes party, encourages Paris Hilton to holler at him so they can have lunch, shouts out the likes of Tara Reid and openly expresses joy that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have called it quits. The lady 50 gives the most props to is Tyra Banks, whom he says gets the award for best breasts in the game.

Of course, going out with high-profile actresses is nothing new for 50. In 2003 he and Vivica A. Fox ignited more than a little gossip when they showed up together at the MTV Video Music Awards. The two parted ways a short while later, and Vivica has since publicly denounced her onetime companion, calling him immature and voicing disdain for the fact that he's mentioned her in his rhymes.

50 obviously likes all the ladies, but which one do you think makes the best match for him? Vote in our MTV News poll.