Matchbox Twenty Guitarist Confirms Rumors That's He's Out Of The Band

Adam Gaynor posts heartfelt letter about his departure on his Web site.

Acknowledging that fans must have known for a while that "something was up," Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor has announced that he is indeed parting ways with the group.

Gaynor composed a lengthy letter that he posted on his Web site late last week, confirming rumors that he would be leaving the band, and attempted to explain the breakup to his fans.

"Yes, we all need to talk," Gaynor wrote in the post. "But there has been no way for me to really do this. I know ... it hasn't been a very fun time for me either."

Gaynor, who was part of Matchbox Twenty's original lineup, went on to thank fans for their support, and suggest that they must have known, "after all this time together," that "SOMETHING was up," before actually announcing that he would no longer be a member of Matchbox Twenty.

"As you may have read," he wrote, "I will no longer be a member of the band. I know most of you were confused if not slightly angered by this news. I wish there was some bright rainbow of an answer here ... but there is not."

The other members of Matchbox Twenty — frontman Rob Thomas, lead guitarist Kyle Cook, bassist Brian Yale and drummer Paul Doucette — are currently on a break and taking time to work on solo projects. Thomas will release his debut solo album, Something to Be, on April 26, while Cook has been on tour with the other band in his life, the New Left.

Gaynor is dealing with the breakup by immersing himself in some solo projects of his own, "musically and otherwise." Though he did not elaborate, he did say that "it has become a really exciting time for me. I know this does not seem like something you want to hear ... but that is who I am. No matter what situation I have been in, I have worked really hard to make it a better one."

Throughout the post, Gaynor apologized for being unable to explain exactly what caused the rift between him and the band, but said that the reasons were personal and "difficult to explain," and hopes fans would understand that he has "never purposely tried to be distant to you all."

A spokesperson for Matchbox Twenty described the split in more concrete terms, explaining that the band "has decided not to renew the services of Adam Gaynor."