JoJo Unfazed By Trappings Of Fame (In New Video, Anyway)

Video for 'Not That Kinda Girl' emphasizes singer's simple side.

JoJo might play a superstar in her next video, which shoots this week in Los Angeles, but she's not the kinda girl to be impressed by the trappings of fame or money.

So as JoJo's limo rolls by, according to the treatment of the video for her third single, "Not That Kinda Girl," she eyeballs people chattering on their cell phones and showing off their convertibles and customized Scions and "2 Fast 2 Furious"-style imported cars. None of this fazes JoJo; neither does the sound of her song being played on the car stereos, nor the sight of her face on billboards behind the cars and her name in lights on the marquee of the venue, her destination.

"It just says, 'You are not impressing me with all the things that you have,' " JoJo said recently about the song, "and I am not that kind of girl that's into those kinds of things."

Surrounded by a throng of exploding flashbulbs and jostling paparazzi, JoJo heads inside the venue, where she sits alone in the empty seats, gets ready in her dressing room, walks around backstage, and then finally gives her performance to the sold-out crowd. The video concludes with JoJo wiping off the glamour and just wearing a hoodie and playing with her iPod as she walks past the paparazzi, who no longer recognize her.

After shooting the video with director Fat Cats (who last helmed T.I.'s "Bring 'Em Out"), JoJo is scheduled to fly to Australia to film her movie debut, "Aquamarine" (see "JoJo Says She's 'Not That Kind Of Girl,' Wants Dr. Dre For Next Album").

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